Legloand Survival Guide

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Here are my top 7 money-saving tips for Legoland:

  1. An obvious one, but get in using annual passes, as detailed in 'General'
  2. Failing that, look out for the common 'Buy one ticket, get another free' style offers in magazines and at leaflets in tourism centres
  3. Food and drink are reasonably expensive at Legoland, as at any tourist attraction, so take a packed lunch if at all possible. Eating out for a family of four here can easily cost �30 to �40, making this an easy saving
  4. If you have to eat in a restaurant, use the ones with the discount for pass holders.
  5. If your kids are restless and eager to move on back to the rider and activities, you can save money by ordering just a couple of pizzas or portions of fish and chips (or whatever) and then sharing these around. It's unlikely that everyone in your family's going to be happy to sit down for an hour's full meal when there's so much to do!
  6. Although most things on-site are free once you've paid to get in, you might like to steer your kids away from the Pirate Goldwash area, which is pay-per-pan and has a pay-for tattooing service.
  7. Rather than shopping in the on site Lego shops, encourage your children to shop in the tented 'warehouse', situated outside the turnstiles (during the main summer months). This has a smaller range of stock but much lower prices. If you're undecided, get the staff on the turnstiles to mark your hands so that they'll let you back 'in' again!
  8. Note that annual pass holders get 10% off everything in all site shops, restaurants and in the warehouse. Yet another reason for going for the passes.

All text on these pages is Copyright Steve Litchfield, 2005, 2006