Legloand Survival Guide

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Packed LunchWe've all got to eat, especially after burning up energy and adrenaline walking around Legoland and having fun. By far the easiest and cheapest way to eat at Legoland is to take your own packed lunch. There are plenty of grassy picnic areas to sit down and chill out as a family. Try to take food in containers (e.g. sandwich bags, cans, plastic bottles) that can be disposed off on-site, saving taking it away with you. You'll only be carrying the extra weight of lunch for an hour or so after arriving and then you'll be free and light for the rest of the day!

Don't even think about leaving a packed lunch or your belongings in your car. The parking area is far enough away from the bulk of the site that you really, really won't want to have to trudge back to the car just to get the sandwiches.

But it's not always possible to be so organised, of course. If you've taken my advice and gone for annual passes, find out which restaurants on site are currently offering the biggest discounts (in 2006, it's Pasta Patch and Fish and Chips) to annual pass holders and consider eating there. A discount of 25% on a meal cost of �20 will save you �5, enough for an ice-cream each later in the day!
Also note that some restaurants (especially Pasta Patch) can get frustratingly busy at lunchtimes, so turn up on the dot of 12 if you can rather than waiting 'til 12.30. You want to be sat at a table eating, with hot food, while others are queuing to pay, watching their food go cold.

Note that you can also mix and match packed lunches and restaurant meals. Things are fairly relaxed and you can basically eat any food anywhere on the site, in any combination. It's up to you.

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