Legloand Survival Guide

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MapGetting to Legoland is easiest by car, as you've probably worked out. If you're approaching from the west, east or south, try to go in via the Ascot approach road, as the Windsor end of the B3022 gets very busy with Legoland traffic at either end of the day. In other words, avoid following the official signs to Legoland from most points on the compass, as they'll lead you via the M4 and Windsor. Get your map book out and look for a shorter and cannier way! If your map book is an old one, Legoland is on the site of the old Windsor safari park.

Parking is pretty easy, just follow the coned off routes into the currently-being-filled car park. There's a 'Preferred' area for annual pass holders, but this does cost an extra �2 a time. Mind you, it's worth it to be so close to the entrance if you have anyone 'slow' in your party (toddlers). Otherwise, simply park wherever you can, it only makes a few seconds difference at the beginning and end of your day. Take everything with you, it's a big, big venue!

StickerOnce inside the turnstiles, pick up several copies of the free 'Park Guide', which has a fold-out map that shows you where everything is. Give one to each member of the family and arrange a rendezvous point in case anyone gets lost. Even better, pick up some of the free white 'Lost parents' stickers and put one on each child's back, just in case. If your child does go missing, the staff can call you on your mobile immediately.

When trying to avoid the jams getting out again, an obvious tip is to start making your way to the Hill Train or exit about 30 mins before the time the rides finish (usually 5, 6 or 7pm). Avoid the rush in the shop and the rush in the car parks.

The free Park Guide has this helpful map

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