FurReal Friends (electronic pets)
(Fur Real from a parent's perspective)
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Where to buy FurReal pets:

Buying Advice

Now there's a problem buying FurReal ('Fur Real') pets: they're essentially from the USA and so not that many shops (in the UK at least) stock them. And the ones that do stock the pets usually only have a handful of the cheaper FurReal animals.

Adding to the problem, I'd seriously advise you to aim as high up the FurReal scale as possible, cost-wise, because the intelligence of the pet and the number of 'things' they can do increases significantly as you spend a little more.

For example, the small newborn pups/cubs/tiger etc. are cute and roll their head around, etc., but the Playful Pup can wave, beg, eat, drop, sit, add up to 5 (really) and respond to various sensors being tickled and commands given. So it's worth going for one of the top pets/toys in the range (though personally we stopped short off the £300 for the pony!!)

In terms of where to buy, the Internet is your best friend, as usual. Track down the exact pet and fur colour you want (see FurReal ads on these pages as starting points) and then buy online, without having to trek from town to town, hoping to find a toyshop with the one your child wants!