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(Fur Real from a parent's perspective)
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Butterscotch Pony/Smores Pony

Butterscotch Pony
This is FurReal taken to another level. And another wallet depth, but that's another story (just think of the savings on vets bills by not having to buy a real pony!). As far as I can tell, the only differences between the two ponies are that Smores is black and white, i.e. the colour scheme.

Main movements

There are touch and audio sensors, with the pony responding to your child's voice and grooming. The head, eyes and ears move and the tail swishes. Oh yes, and your child is bounced up and down on the back. Whatever will they think of next? Real snorting, with air coming out of the nostrils? Nope, they've done that, too, it's all in Butterscotch...

Never look a gift Butterscotch in the mouth!
You can tell a lot about a horse or pony from its teeth - or so I've heard!

Here's the official FurReal TV ad spot for Butterscotch:
Butterscotch TV ad

And here's the official ad for Smores, along the same lines(!):

Here's another video of Butterscotch pony, this time from YouTube - note that it's only turned on properly in the second half of the clip:

As you can probably tell from the photos on this page, our family is still saving up for Butterscotch pony! And trying to clear space in our daughter's bedroom....
Every girl's best friend - a pony!

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