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My Playful Pup

This site is dedicated to the intriguing line of fairly realistic electronic pets from FurReal. As a parent, you'll know about them when your son or (more likely) daughter pleads to have one - but there are plenty of upsides to parting with your cash for a FurReal Friend. If, like me, your home doesn't really have the logistics to cope with a real cat or dog (let alone a bear or a pony) - mainly because you don't want to be the one looking after it, after your child has lost interest - and yet your child is feeling left out by 'not being allowed a pet', then a FurReal pet comes pretty close in many ways, or at least the higher priced ones do...

Your child can cuddle it, talk to it, see realistic responses - and yet you can turn it off after playtime without worrying about it starving or getting fleas or needing expensive vet bills....

See my Pet line-up page, which also contains brief reviews of many FurReal toys, my Buying Advice page, a Guestbook for your comments about FurReal pets and my Gallery of images and videos.

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