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Articles and features

Stuff of interest for owners of the Psion Revo/5mx/Series 7/netbook etc.

Notes on converting troublesome Psion Data files to generic format

My definitive History of Psion, as published in Palmtop magazine many years ago

A potted history of Psion's organiser and palmtop models, including second-hand models from the start to the current day.

How to get a virtual Psion Series 3 class emulator working under Windows XP or Mac OS

Moblogging - MObile weB LOGGING - how to post your thoughts, news and images to the Internet in seconds from your Psion palmtop or Nokia Communicator.

How to connect a Psion palmtop to a PC through a USB cable/hub.

Notes for anyone upgrading from a Psion Series 5mx to a Nokia Communicator (9210/9500).

Notes for anyone upgrading from a Psion Series 3 to a Nokia Communicator (9210/9500).

My guide to GPS moving-map/navigation on all Psion and Symbian platforms.

In sickness and in health, a look at ways of prolonging the life of your precious Psion palmtop.

Your ONLY computer? - a sideways roundup of how practical it might be to use a Psion or Symbian device as your ONLY computer...

Bible on Psion and Symbian- discusses ways to get the Word of God onto a humble Psion palmtop or Symbian communicator.