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Our bears are all quite different, some are quite old and hopefully you'll find them interesting (and loveable)! Now with official 'cuddle ratings'! In no particular order: Enjoy! Steve, Fiona and Rachel.

Click on any thumbnail image to see the teddy bear in more detail.

Filled with straw, made in about 1960, currently sporting home-knitted (by me, aged eight!) top and trousers.
Cuddle rating:3
A quality bear, with moving limbs and firm stuffing. Made by Metro Soft Toys around 1999. Received as a present.
Cuddle rating:5
Made in The Bear Factory, but just the right size, kind eyes and good at sitting up (unlike many of their bears). He'd been made in the shop but not purchased and looked very lonely and unwanted on the table, so....
Cuddle rating:5
Teddy love
"Teddy Love"
Imported by Titan Toys, has moving limbs.
Cuddle rating:4
Baby Harrods
"Baby Harrods"
An unusually styled (but happy) bear, he is firmly stuffed and his clothes are made from towelling. Received as a present. He can't sit down, but he's so cuddly that we love him anyway.
Cuddle rating:6
A budget bear in slightly shaggy material, bought for a hospital charity in 1999.
Cuddle rating:5
A vintage Harrods teddy bear, circa 1999. Quality material and workmanship, but slightly too large for a child to cuddle at night. Received as a present.
Cuddle rating:4
One of my personal favourites, Tumbles has a slightly sad and lonely face, plus very shaggy fur, moving limbs and (unusually and as far as I can see) two left legs! Found on a charity stall and bought for 50p.
Cuddle rating:7
White ted (2)
"White ted (no.2)"
A simple bear from the 1960s that was recently discovered in the family archives.
Cuddle rating:3
White ted
"White ted"
Made by Grove International, this is a budget bear but with a kind face and with a pretty dress.
Cuddle rating:4
Fairly standard budget bear by Teddy Herman GmbH, but with a kind face and very good at sitting up.
Cuddle rating:5
Fun little teddy, fully jointed and firmly stuffed, only 5 inches in length. Label says by R. Lang & Son. Found languishing at the very bottom of a school charity toy stall at the end of the day (i.e. everyone else had rejected him), bought for 10p!
Cuddle rating:1
Common, but high quality beanie bear, made by Me To You, all kitted up for the winter. Received as a present.
Cuddle rating:4
Another lovely little teddy, fully jointed and firmly stuffed, only 6 inches in length and with a ribbon that never seems to be tied just right! Found dropped by someone and (er....) not handed into the police. Well, we can give her a good home, after all...
Cuddle rating:2
Another Russ teddy bear, quite old and quite pink, currently resplendent in home-knitted t-shirt and shorts...
Cuddle rating:4
Dressing Gown
"Dressing gown teddy"
A budget Chad Valley bear, but he looks so warm and snug in that dressing gown, and just the right size for cuddling. Received as a present.
Cuddle rating:4
One of the Russ Baby teddies and properly called Boggles, but this was the ultra-pink replacement for another favourite toy, called Piglet... Found at a charity stall.
Cuddle rating:2
No idea where she was made, but she's tiny, at only 2" high, with fully jointed limbs. We believe she used to have a key-chain attached.
Cuddle rating:1
Train Driver Ted
"Train Driver Ted"
Imported into the EC by David Halsall, this small (4"), jointed and friendly bear was bought at a knock down price at Bishop's Lydeard (steam) railway station.
Cuddle rating:2
From the Marks and Spencer 'Connoisseur' collection, found lonely in a charity shop. Oliver is 10" tall, is kind and always ready to comfort and care... and just the right size, shape and texture for a cuddle.
Cuddle rating:8
Bought as a Valentines present, Special has a love heart on her foot and hearts all over her bow tie.
Cuddle rating:3
Hug Me
"Hug Me"
From Keel Toys' Simply Soft Collection, Hug Me (so named after the words on his feet, of course) is deliciously soft and cuddly - and perfectly behaved at all times.
Cuddle rating:7
Cherry Nose
"Cherry Nose"
Dating from the 1960s, Cherry Nose has lost much of his fur and is actually owned by by sister-in-law, but I couldn't resist this pose, with the bear having a well deserved kip after hours entertaining a one year old.
Cuddle rating:1
Baby Bear
"Baby Bear"
One of the modern Fur-Real animated toys, Baby Bear is obviously new born and always brings out the parent in anyone who comes along.
Cuddle rating:2
A perennially cheerful and cuddly bear, Brownie was a commemorative bear made in 2004 but we're not sure by who.
Cuddle rating: 8
Another Simon, named because we lost the one above for ages(!) With fixed limbs, an adorable little sweater and no obvious maker name, we found Simon unwanted in a charity shop and had to give him a home! A very good natured and patient bear.
Cuddle rating: 8
A Fiesta Colour Cuddle Club bear, found in a charity shop and bedecked in a colourful but horribly fitting knitted dress. She was supposed to be for Mum but got snaffled by Daughter, of course.
Cuddle rating: 6
A Bear Factory bear, of course, found in a charity shop all alone, in a horrific boxer's outfit. Anyway, here she is getting ready for her bath.
Cuddle rating: 6