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OliverI suppose it all stemmed from having a daughter rather than a son, but together we seem to have collected a number of 'much-loved' teddy bears.

A quick browse round the web shows that most other teddy bear web sites focus on the more expensive bears, many too precious to actually play with or cuddle - which rather defeats the point. Hence this little corner of the web dedicated to bears that are just right for playing and cuddling.

TinyDesign plays a part here, too. Many teddy bears are either too floppy, too hard (e.g. some of the Steiff ones - [brief history]), too large, too small, too ugly(!), too stiff to sit down, etc. So have a browse through our gallery and see the teddies that have found a home with us. All of our bears were either acquired as presents or through family hand-me-downs or at car boot/jumble sales. We just can't bear to see a bear sitting alone and unwanted...!

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Steve Litchfield, 3-Lib

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