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There are several utilities I thought every Siena owner should have. Each had to be of very small file size and to be runnable from the system list rather than taking up valuable Siena screen space with an icon. The result of my creative process so far is the Siena Plus Pack, v1.4.

It's composed of a handful of .OPO utilities and a spreadsheet. Put the .OPO files into your Siena's \OPO\ directory and the .SPR file into \SPR\

UnitsThe Plus pack contains:

  • Chars - lets you view special characters and bring them into the word processor
  • Guitar - a tuner for the various strings
  • Tree - displays files and their sizes
  • Hour - beeps the time in the dark
  • Communicator - Star-Trek-style novelty to bleepity-bleep every time Siena is turned on
  • Units - spreadsheet to do common units conversions

Most of the Plus Pack contents are self-explanatory, but two of them need a little comment:


This is a revised version (with kind permission) of Tom Dolbilin's excellent little CHARM utility.

At first glance it appears to just be a ready-reference to the special characters in the Siena's ASCII set. However, there's more to it than this. With the cursor on the character of your choice, go to any of the built-in Psion applications and do a Psion-B (Bring). Hey Presto! The special character has been transferred into your document, press the right-arrow key to clear the highlight and you're off and running!


Following the excellent Timevoc utility for Psion 3a, with its digitised voices and so forth, I decided I needed a similar facility on my Siena. Except that it had to be tiny. Thus this little app.

The scenario. You wake up in the middle of the night, disorientated, and need to know roughly what the time is. Trouble is, your partner is sound asleep so you can't put a light on or get out of bed etc. But you do have a Psion Siena handy.

So, before going to sleep, remember to go into the HOUR program, which will 'burp' softly according to the time of day and then turn off, ready for action.

When you wake up in the night, simply press the "On" button twice and the Siena will burp the number of hours and ten-minute segments;

e.g. 3 low burps and 4 (higher-pitched and) faster ones would mean the time was 3:40-something in the morning. The Siena will then automatically turn off, ready for the next time request.

In the morning a simple X will exit the program and return you to the system screen.