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Slide is a freeware slide show application for the Psion 3a and 3c. A companion to DRAW, the number one best-selling bitmap editor for the Psion, it allows you to compose multimedia (ok, ok, sound and pictures at least) slide shows for use in demo or tutorial situations, or as a presentation aid.


Slides can be wiped in 5 different ways, with customisable exit delays and a variety of different built-in graphic backdrops and sound effects. Optional clocks, progress bars and flashing slide entries help keep presentations on the straight and narrow.

The slide editor can cope with up to 40 slides, with automatic sorting, full edit facilities and slide previewing. The royalty-free slide viewer will work in 'rolling' mode, making it suitable for show window demos etc.

Download it now!

Slide 3.0 is downloadable here as slid30.zip (31k). Please unzip it with all directory information preserved. Please also read the SLIDE.TXT file once unzipped. Have fun!

Why is Slide free?

Good question. It used to be shareware, but several other people have now helped me with v3.0 and in that cooperative spirit I felt it right to add something else to the world of freeware. If you really like the program and want to reward me for Slide, you could always register Draw instead. Which, incidentally, is the perfect companion application! 8-)