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screen-shot DRAW is the number one best-selling bitmap editor for the Psion Series 3a/3c range of palmtop computers. It allows picture (Psion PIC) files to be viewed, edited, and printed on your Psion. It is available here as fully working shareware. No limits, no time delays, no crippling whatsoever, because I trust you. Please play fair with shareware!

To help you create your exciting images, it features real-time zoom; flood fill; user-defined fonts; undo; variable width lines; scroll bars; an INI file to remember your default settings; a clipboard and lots more. In conjunction with the freeware JBEyecon, Draw supplies a full picture browsing and editing environment on the Psion 3a/3c. And by using the freeware FirePic, other non-Psion format image files like PCX and GIF can be imported and exported.


The design goal behind DRAW was to try and match the ease of use of the built-in Psion applications - so if you're used to the Word application, you should find DRAW simple to use. If you do need a bit of assistance, DRAW has on-line help.

Download it now!

DRAW 2.85 is downloadable here as draw285.zip (61k). Please read the README.TXT file once unzipped. It will also help if you tell your unzipping program to keep the existing folder information. Would you like to register DRAW now?

Example graphic created entirely in DRAW:

Companion utilities to Draw

v1.1 of the freeware companion program JBEyecon can be downloaded here as jbeyecon.zip or from John Boyce's web site. Similarly, the freeware Firepic is here as firepic.zip. Slide is a freeware multi-media slide show system which you can use to show off your pictures and messages.

Clip art

Thanks to the artistic skill of Neil Bee, I've collected over 100 of his S3a/c icons, for use either on the system screen (as they were intended), or as clip art within a larger picture. Either way, Draw and JBEyecon will have no trouble handling them. The collection is downloadable here as s3clip.zip (32k). Also here, for your convenience, is Phil Creed's excellent icon montage and extractor, as icons.zip (26k).


Insertion of clip art is handled though the "Merge in" function in Draw, and will allow the construction of quite complicated images with minimal artistic skills. It's usually best to put all clip art PIC files into a \PIC\ directory, which is the default for Draw. Happy drawing!

Steve Litchfield