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Renault Scenic Problems - water ingress into the passenger compartment and footwells

See also the generic Scenic problems page

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Two options here for you. Neil Townsend has put together a PDF document describing, with photos, which you can download here as water.pdf (1MB)

Or have a look through this alternative repair guide on the page here:

Thanks to Harry Cleworth for all of the information below.

"I have owned many of these great vehicles & come across a common fault. Water gathering on the front passenger floor.  It has happened on three of my Scenics to date. It takes about 30 minutes & costs nothing. No parts required.

There are two issues. One from the Sunroof drain offs and the other from rain water getting into the air intake for he heater.
Both of these issues occur when the vehicle is parked outside. Also be aware that especially in Autumn the leaves are falling especially Silver Birch Trees. They drop tiny particles as well as leaves and block up the flapper vales. Then the rainwater cannot get away.  Excessive rain & blocked or partially blocked flapper  valves = a wet floor & has been known to cause electrical problems.  I have been told of a possible leak via the Radio Aerial due to damaged sealing fittings."

Work through the steps here to check/clear your sunroof drain tubes, flapper valves and other drain points:

Blockage 1

Blockage 2

Blockage 3

And now the flapper valves for the windscreen surround drains:

Flapper 1

Flapper 2

Flapper 3

Flapper 4

Flapper 5

Flapper 6

Flapper 7

Flapper 9

Flapper 8

Harry has other tips and tricks if these points don't help. Please email him at [email protected]

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