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This is your chance to post your own testimonial of how well the Renault Scenic works for you. Automated guestbooks tend to get abused, so why not post here by emailing me up to 200 words.

Family Scenic

Steve and Annie Dobson
Owned our first Scenic in the UK in 2003, a 3 year old 16000 mile vehicle that stayed with us for 4 years of trouble free fantastically practical motoring in North Yorkshire.  Definitely the most user friendly and reliable car we had owned. Fast forward 11 years to 2014 and we have now lived for 8 years in Brisbane Australia.  After so many years of expensive company cars, 4WD’s, etc we have just purchased a delightful 2007 phase II Dynamique auto, one owner with only 41000kms on the clock.  Loving being back in that comfy, high up relaxed and huge spacious interior!  Not sure I’m a fan of the digital dash but it is looking good so far!

Hodgson Scenic

Karen Hodgson
This (above) is my second Scenic, a 2002 1.9 dCi Privilege.  I’m the second owner since new, and have had it since March 2013, after my previous Scenic, a 2000 2.0 RXE suffered cambelt failure, due to the sliding auxiliary belt problem listed on your problems page.  Prior to both Scenics, I had a 1998 Megane Coupe 2.0, which sadly was written off due to severe rear end damage sustained in an accident at a roundabout.  Anyway, back to the Scenic.  I bought my first one, because, having just gone self-employed in the direct selling market, I needed far more space than the Megane gave me.  I chose the Scenic, because I had got used to Renault, from just under 8 years with the Megane.  The space, hidden, and not so hidden, is brilliant.  Now I have a cleaning business, and it is perfect for that.  My friend asked me to take her to Kent, to collect a cabinet, which wouldn’t fit in her Chrysler MPV, the Scenic had just that bit more load space to make the difference.  For a just over 13 year old model, it has had the usual things go wrong, plus the fuel pump, ECR, wheel bearings, etc.  Just recently, the clutch plates needed replacing, plus a new starter motor, drive shaft, and repair to the gearbox.  Despite that, I opted to repair, rather than scrap, because otherwise it is in good condition.  (OK, at the moment, it is also because I can’t afford to replace it…).  Long live Scenic!

Ed Warnick:
In Oct. 1998 we flew to London for a visit, then crossed the channel on a hovercraft and landed in Calais to drive around some parts of Europe. They took us by bus to the ferry station where our rental car awaited. They did not have the car we requested but were instead given a Renault Scenic diesel.  I was vaguely familiar with the car from articles seen in car magazines about the car plus I had owned a Renault R10 back when they were imported to the USA. I told anyone who would listen that my Renault R10 had the best front seats of any car ever built anywhere in the world so I was pleasantly pleased to be able to drive a Renault once again. Renault had long pulled out of the USA market by then and we did not have a compact wagon/van similar to the Scenic available in the USA at the time so it was quite a novelty for us.  We were immediately impressed at how much space was in that car. Then we were surprised the ride was so compliant and that the car felt so solidly constructed. Being a diesel and such a small vehicle, the fuel economy was remarkable. We joked that we should stop once in a while and let some fuel out just to be sure the fuel gauge was functioning.  When we arrived at our hotel in Munich and had to navigate the underground parking garage (it was much like a cave, actually) we commented that there was no way we could have got into and parked in that parking area with either of our two cars back home. Navigating it in that tight room was made possible not just by the compact size of the vehicle... it was a combination of that plus the tight turning radius and the fact that it was very precise going from forward to reverse and back repeatedly as we needed to do that moment. The Scenic was a fondly memorable vehicle. We've often commented since about that car and always wished they offered that vehicle in the USA. -  Ed -  Denver, Colorado, USA

Zainudin Karim
My Scenic for 3 years is a 2004 restyled Megane Scenic Expression with twin sunroof. I can't say it is economical to keep but I won't trade it for another make. Electronics is a constant issue. Nonetheless  (no, being in any one of its 5 seats is pleasurable) it makes me want to continue driving. It is an excellent vehicle for a family of 4. I have driven it for long journeys many times and it is one the cars I don't feel exhausted driving long hours. It is very comfortable. It has got 6 airbags fitted to it and that's a plus. I agree with one of your guests: its 6 speakers factory audio unit is the best I have heard - very acoustically natural. I would very much like to get my hands on a RX4 (I drive a Hilux most the time for work) and see what it can do off the road. A serious fan I am.

Simon and Rachelle, Australia
We returned from Switzerland to Australia (see earlier entry, below) and started hunting for cars. Our criteria were five star (A)NCAP, small and roomy. There are currently 365 models of new cars for sale in Australia. We expected to find at least ten cars to fit the bill. Alas. For reasons we still don't understand, Australia is obsessed with SUV despite most of us living all of our lives in cities no different from Europe and North America. We considered many cars including the new Toyota Prius V (nice car), a Volvo XC70 (4WD and not very roomy), a VW Caddy (a van dressed up as a car) and a Citroen Picasso (many features but complicated and expensive after the warranty expires). Despite all of the options, we decided to buy another Scenic - this one a 2003 Dynamique. We drove 90,000 km in Europe in a 2008 VW Touran and our 2003 Scenic still beats it hands down for practicality, safety and fun. We have also found a very knowledgeable dealer and all of the parts are still available. Thanks Renault. It's nice to be home.

Harry Cleworth (update!)
Update on my 2008 Scenic Tdi Automatic.  Bought it ex demo, I am not that impressed with MPG nor the Fap system (Fuel ParticleFilter). It has however served me well for three years trouble free motoring.  The seating is a little cramped across the backside compared to the earlier models & the centre consol is not for me.  Automatic handbrake?  I prefer a "Normal" handbrake. So I have said cheerio to it and bought an older version (Mk II), Year 2000. 1.9 Tdi Automatic for a mere �1,500 - I just put a cam belt and alternator belt + tensioners on it and Wow..... it goes like a dream. Only 77000 miles on the clock, the car is virtually unmarked, very comfortable and is returning about 55mpg on a run. Personally I would recommend the Tdi older versions rather than the latter.  Up to 2003 Mk II.
Photo below shows my previous car 08.Reg. & my latest acquisition W reg

The most serious problem so far is ADDICTION. The Scenic is a fantastic work horse and a good, safe, roomy, economical family car.

Sebastiaan Scholtens
It's still very early days as only two weeks ago I purchased at auction a second hand 2002 Scenic Dynamique 2.0 litre  petrol version. I have been extremely impressed. I had a rather big scare as halfway home the engine started to 'choke' and i lost power. I took it to my mechanic and he explained that at the auction house they had washed the engine bay resulting in water getting to the spark plugs causing misfiring on three cylinders. Four new spark plugs and a service later, My Scenic is running like a dream. I cannot believe how an eight year old car, which I picked up for $3600 (Australian) can be better on features than many a new car around. Mine has airbags front side and back, a brilliant sound system (yes the factory standard sound system would have to be the best one I've ever heard for a factory one), Leather seats, backlit vanity mirrors (my wife loves them), ABS, climate control, brake balancing and more features I haven't even figured out yet.
I love the stiff but responsive suspension, the way the car drives and sits on the road. And it is relatively cheap to run when considering it is a 2.0 litre petrol engine. I get about 14 kilometres out of a litre on the highway and about 11.5 in town.
In short, this is the best car I have ever owned, and that is how it feels after merely 2 weeks. I have owned new small cars before , but this eight year old one beats them. 
My mechanic said that with the spark plugs being mounted so deep (due to the coils on top) the risk of water getting in there and staying in there is greater, but this apparently is a problem all new cars with this technology have.

Rachelle and Simon, Australia
We bought a 2001 Privilege when it was two years old because it was the safest, small car we could find for our family.  It was our first ever Renault.  It was fabulous.  We drove it from one end of Victoria to the other.  Our kids loved it because they could see out of their windows.  We could go camping without any roof racks or a trailer because there was so much storage room.  The best thing perhaps was that people were taken completely by surprise when they rode in it for the first time.  Once they understood it – they would say – hey this car is really cool.  So cool that two sets of friends offered to buy the car from us when we moved to Switzerland.  We sold it to the friends who lived in the country.  A year later, they hit a cow at 80 km/h.  The car was destroyed, they walked away unharmed and immediately bought another one.  We are now driving a 2008 VW Touran because it was provided by my company.  It is good but not as good as our 2001 Scenic.

Andrew Taylor

I have been driving Scenics for ten years. My first was a “T” registration diesel, the current model is an ’06, Grand Scenic 1.9 turbo diesel. I am a locksmith and use the car as a van during the week and family car at the weekends averaging 20,000 miles each year. I bought the original Scenic for the comfort of the driver’s seat. I have back problems and have difficulty sitting in a normal car but I can drive a Scenic all day without discomfort. This is my fifth Scenic, all have been unbelievably reliable and very economic although spares are not cheap.

The present car had aircon fan problems just after the guarantee ran out. Our local auto-electrician found a problem with the connector plug which fits on the motor. The contacts in the plug had got very warm and softened the plastic. A repair plug and a few in-line connectors solved the problem.
On all the models I have used the nearside front tyres last about 14,000 miles, offside fronts last around 17,000 while the rear tyres are generally good for around 30,000 miles with a peculiar wear pattern developing on the nearside rear due to the “Toe-in” on the rear wheels.

Marty Rose - Basingstoke
This is by far the best money I have ever spent in my life, I have been looking for a car like the Scenic for ages but have always drifted off in the Japanese direction mainly because I don't like anything continental especially the Renault brand of old. How wrong was I? I was driving past my local dealership just over a month ago and I spied my beautiful Scenic, it was the perfect price, the mileage was just right and it looked gorgeous; I know it's corny but it was love at first sight. I am normally an incredibly cautious consumer, mainly because I am a lawyer by trade, but on this occasion I part exchanged my Mazda and headed for the open road. Obviously the ride is completely different from what I was used to but the driving position and height is perfect for me. Most people rave about the space the Scenic gives you and I agree but not enough is said about the comfort and the feeling of safety that the car provides. I am working on filling up the car with my new little tribe and am looking forward to many road trips and adventures in the near future. Who knows, I may even venture over to France and mix it with the locals - Au revoir!

Daniel M Kerr (West Yorkshire)
Ok 1st of all I have always wanted a Scenic since I got myself a family to look after and the all infamous "School run" in the mornings (least until I re-enter the world of the working man after some time off due to injury).
So with some money in the bank I purchased a V reg 1.6 RT megane Scenic and I've never looked at any other car since, Just the amount of space alone is overwhelming I'm still finding all the little "cubby holes" inside the car and thinking of all the things I can put in there to de clutter my house and the MPG is the best for its age. it use to cost me 40 pound a week to run to work/drop off kids/shopping and whatever else in between but these days I'm lucky if I touch 30 so 10 pound a week better off and a good family car to boot, what more could a guy ask for in these trying times. My only gripe with is was a strangs knocking sound coming from the driver side back wheel (eventually solved, a old bulb had fell into small section of the rear panel and knocked on the side when I rode over a bump) So to say I'm a Scenic convert is a understatement. I literally won't have any other car.

Harry Cleworth
I have owned six Scenics Three of which were 1.9 Tdi AUTOMATICS. Our first Auto was involved in a crash with an Audi 240Bhp sports saloon. The Audi jumped a give way junction at about 60 MPH (Police estimate) We were on the major road with preference, travelling at 50 MPH. The attached photo shows the damage.
Outcome:  1 dead & one extremely seriously injured in the Audi. Two in the Scenic literally walked out of the crash but received hospitalisation for two weeks then a month in a nursing home. The Audi looked like it had been in a crusher.  The driver lives, she will suffer the death of her boyfriend for the rest of her life. My wife & I are in our 70's and can only marvel at the strength of a scenic in a crash. We owe our lives to Renault.  One final point. The Audi driver passed 7 "Give Way" signs & was still accelerating when it crashed into our Scenic.

Phil Ball
I just found the wonderfull world of the Renault Scenic, got hold of a 1.6-16v 99/00 model in silver with 78000 miles on the clock and she drives like new. It's so refreshing to have everything I want in one car-space, luxury and gadgets. The Scenic is comfy and gives good feedback through the steering wheel even though its got power steering I can definitely say this won't be the last one I buy

[latest!]  Shown below is my fifth Scenic... needs a little work but absolutely loving being back in a Renault!
 Latest scenic

Sean Brady
We very much enjoy all the features including ease of entry, size, comfort, cornering and all the extras which we had fitted, as this is likely to be our last car (we are 70+), *except the satnav. *As this was available, we included it but it transpires that it's only updated once a year and that costs �160+ each time. We paid something like �800 for the facility and think it's exorbitant to have to also pay for updates.

Eddy Chan
I rented a Renault Scenic (diesel) for 5 days in the UK, and I must say it was one of the best fun cars I have driven. The handling was superb, and the turning circle was wonderful, enabling the car to do U-turns easily. My family was amazed at the advanced electronics such as automatic parking brake. The capacity was incredible... it fitted 4 large suitcases and 2 carry-ons easily, along with 3 people. All fitting nicely for one trip to the airport. This will remain as my prefered car at the rental agency for a long time.

Mike Williams
I bought a Renault Scenic Expression in Australia in 2003. I got it because I had two large dogs (malamutes) and didn't want to buy a 4-wheel drive. The Scenic was the only car available tall enough for them, and the removable back seats made it a cinch. It has seen me around the south-east of Australia for 2 years, and then I brought it to the UK, and have since driven it around nearly every country in Europe, from the very top of Norway to the bottom of Sicily. It must be one of the most-travelled cars ever (113 degrees of latitude or so!). My big bugbears would be: 1) complete lack of support for an MP3-CD player that integrates with the stick-controls. Is Renault the last car manufacturer to catch up with this? I don't think any dealer I've spoken to in Australia or UK even understands the question! 2) the automatic transmission is absolutely painful in the transition through 2nd gear .

Rick Worthing, West Sussex
I've had this car since new in 2003 and cannot praise it enough, I love the way the rear seats tip forward and although I'm tall it doesn't alter my driving position . Very useful also is the opening back window in the tailgate.

Barry, Miriam and Ellie Berlow-Jackson
Just to say liked your site! We have just bought a 2001 Scenic Expression, as we’ve just had a baby and my Morris Minor isn’t ideal! I expected it to be okay, but its absolutely brilliant! It has some great features I didn’t expect – cd player under the seat, opening glass on the bootlid, and storage compartments under the back seats! It’s a 1.6 16v automatic, and is surprisingly great to drive. I’d recommend the Scenic to everyone!

Aelwood Finch, Essex
We have been proud owners of a Renault Scenic Expression Plus, from new, for almost four years, we were delighted with this car and it suited our needs perfectly. We decided on the petrol version 1600. Optional extras being twin sun roof, six CD changer, and ESP. We feel ESP should be a standard item and perhaps one day Renault will see the light. We chose the Renault Scenic for many reasons but primarily safety. Occasionally we have slept in the car for a night, when visiting the Coast, during the summer, this is very comfortable. Although we loved the Scenic very much, we did have some warranty and dealer problems. Warranty claims: front wiper blades, ESP not programmed correctly, leaking fluid from steering pump. Issues not under warranty: rear brakes sticking, rear pads replaced, this cost us �200 as this was outside the six month warranty on brake pads. Unfortunately white van man recently put an end to our love affair with our Scenic, when an LDV van ploughed into the back, writing the car off. I sustained two cracked vertebrae and spent two days in hospital. The driver’s seat collapsed, this was the severity of the crash, but things would have been very different in a smaller vehicle. We await our new Grand Scenic in January. Has anyone else experienced a collapsed seat in an accident?

Eve MacLeish, Minneapolis/Merida
I live part of the year these days in Merida, Venezuela, in the Andes. Our Scenic (2002) serves as family touring vehicle and bread delivery vehicle for my rustic bakery; great with the seat folding options. While in Minnesota (USA) the rest of year, we miss this intelligent, so comfortable, practical, very European car, and cannot find anything to compare it to here in its price range. Although its a 1.6, I don't have any problem climbing the mountains with it, and with gas at about (US) 25 cents a gallon, petrol doesn't even need to be budgeted. I miss my Scenic here, especially in long commutes. We actually frequently use the wine bottle slots in the rear of the car; so smart!

Peter & Irene Faulkes Queensland, Australia
As a semi-retired couple we looked for comfort first, followed by safety and style. The Scenic has given us all this and much more. The height is just right for getting in and out of. Have travelled up and down the East coast of Australia and in 27,000 km’s have not had a problem. An amazing versatile MPV with heaps of room. A pleasure to drive on the highway and mixes it with the best of them. Only regret is our local dealer (a Nissan one and strangely Renault actually own them) dropped the Renault franchise and we now have to drive over 150km’s for some scheduled services. But all said and done, a great little big car.

John Rogers, NZ
This is the third Renault that we have owned and the second that we have bought new. It is a two litre petrol model (100kw) with an automatic gearbox. We are delighted with it and would definitely buy another. The fuzzy logic auto gearbox takes a little getting used to but on a trip through the South Island of NZ we achieved (according to the onboard computer) 7.3 litres per 100 km (about 36 miles to the gallon). It has now almost completed 25.000 km and is still a pleasure to drive. My only complaint is that our inflatable dinghy will not fit in the back (which it will in the R25 when the back seat is folded down). It has great visibility and comfortable seating.

Paul Elsworthy, UK
I would like to give you my views on the Scenic that I have bought, it's a Scenic Privilege 1.9dci 120bhp and I must say it's the best car I have ever driven. The performance is great, very economical. On Monday I will be fitting a P.box which will take the bhp from 120 to 143bhp. The model that I have has got a 6 speed gear box which allows for great economy and good cruise ability. The electric hand brake was a little strange at first but when you get to grips with it it's very easy to use. The space is incredible - as my wife Carole says, it's very picnic friendly. We find that the seating is great in comfort and visibility. Anyway will finish know but could go on and on because there are so many good points.

Andr�s F�bi�n, Hungary
I've just bought a 4 years old Scenic, 2001, Dark Grey, exactly as in the picture above. I am preparing for a longer holiday in Croatia or Italy. I have driven the car around 500 kms only, but I can say I'm highly satisfied with it. I always find something really thumpingly good! For example the electric windows can be raised by pulling the control twice... I think this is the best family car ever!

Dave Thornton, Scotland
I have a 2000 RXE auto 1.6 petrol model with all electric windows, heated front seats (great), sony 6 CD changer. Living in Scotland, I like the snow traction button which I have had to use a few times. I fitted XENON BULBS HEADLIGHT H7 & Xenon 3400K W5W 501 sidelight bulbs, which are legal and give really bright lighting which is great for country roads from http://stores.ebay.co.uk/id=9401717&ssPageName=L2 or their web site http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/index.html, costing �8.99 + �2.50 P/P & the sidelights �4.50 + �1.70 P/P. These prices are FAR cheaper than any I have seen. Anyway getting back to my Scenic, the amount of room inside is fantastic and very deceiving from the outside. It is the most comfortable and the most reliable car I have ever had. Renault get 11 out of 10 for this car.

Danilo, from Sao Paulo
I am in Brazil, and I bought the Renault Scenic 1.6 16v for multiple reasons: - Room for everything - Fast - Economic - Cheaper and more Economic than the Opel Zafira or the Citroen Picasso - The insurance costs less than half of the other cars in the same segment - Lots of room for small stuff like maps, tools, CDs - Good for people from 1.45m to 2.15m to drive - And lots of other stuff. As the publicity in Brazil says - The best seller of Renaults is a Renault owner!

Alan and Susan Docherty , Paisley , Scotland
My wife and I love our Scenic, as does our 2 year old daughter. We picked it for room , boot space and the high up driving position. It also gives our daughter a good view out over the car roofs when we are driving in town and she loves it. Thanks for your help, in producing this web site!

S.M., UK
I have been driving for nearly 30 years now and I change my car every 3 years. I have driven a different make of car each time. Two years ago I got my Scenic auto, it is the most comfortable and the most reliable car I have ever had. Renault get 10 out of 10 for this car.

Tony Gibbs, Ipswich
I have a Scenic 1.9dTi privilege (2000) and what a car it is! I have two teenagers and a 7 year old, who all have ample room each. I enjoy a spot of fishing so I can take out the rear seats with ease,which seems to convert the car into a spacious van. Everytime a new friend gets in, the remarks are very positive, like "All this space", "Loads of leg room" "What's that button do ?" and so on.... However I personally don't like the new (2004) shape but, like all good cars, I could grow to like it.

Susan Anderson, USA
We rented a Renault Scenic in Vienna this summer and had a wonderful driving vacation in Hungary. The Scenic was a dream to drive, as well as extremely economical. Every day there was another pleasant surprise related to comfort for both driver and three adult passengers, and for storage. Since we are in the USA we don't seem to have access to this vehicle. That is too darned bad because I would seriously consider it as my next vehicle. Thanks for the opportunity to praise this wonderful car.

Peter Wragg
Just a note to endorse your positive comments about the Scenic. I am a critical owner of any car, particularly if it costs a lot to maintain, but I have found the Scenic to be excellent in all respects. It is economic, spacious, tough and very cheap to maintain, although I don't use Renault dealers. I especially like the rear brake drums - discs at the back on other cars always give premature rust/wear problems due to underuse. An excellent cheap-to-run family vehicle, with brilliant flexibility for use of internal space. Hard to get 2nd hand - easy to see why!

Trevor Pitman, Manchester
I own a Scenic 1.9dTi, the same as Steve, and can vouch for its usefulness. As a professional photographer, I can keep all my clobber under the rear parcel shelf, and I especially love the way I can access this boot space from inside the car (e.g. when it's tipping it down) by simply folding any of the rear seats forward. I carry a number of really valuable items with me (cameras, laptop, etc.) but by storing them in underfloor lockers I never worry that they'll get discovered by a casual thief - after all he'd have to know about the 'secret' compartments, which meant that he was a Scenic fan, and there's no way such a sensible person would be a thief anyway....! My Scenic hasn't broken down at all in the four and a half years I've owned it, it's been a totally trustworthy friend and base of operations for me in my job.

David And Jackie Preston, Middlesex:
Our 1998 Scenic has been our 'base of operations' for six years now, too. We've owned it since new and it has never, repeat never let us down. We've got two lively children and the Scenic is the perfect compromise between a spacious vehicle with loads of storage and something that's economical to run and that slips into parking spaces in town without difficulty. Our favourite bit is the way the rear seats slide forwards and backwards - one moment, the children can be colouring on the fold-up tables, the next they can be reclined back slightly, having a nap!

Mike and Susie Eastman, IOW:
We have a 2001 Scenic and love it to bits. Whatever we want to carry, whoever we want to give a lift to, the Scenic is always up to the job. It really is the best of all worlds, and, as Steve says on the site, a masterpiece of design.

Peter and Pru Brown, Devon
We traded down from a Swift motorcaravan, for practical reasons (height barriers, fuel consumption, etc.), and we haven't looked back. It's true that you can't sleep in a Scenic (well, you could, but our five year old would cause a real fuss), and it's true that there's no toilet(!) or running water (but packs of Wet Wipes do almost as well), but in terms of storage for food, emergency cutlery, clothing, even blankets, the Scenic seems to do a pretty good camper replacement job. And, unlike the Swift, the Scenic goes under all height barriers and does almost double the miles per gallon. No regrets here!