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Renault Scenic Intro

Base of operationsSo why a site dedicated to a 'family' car? The thing is that it's not just a car, a Scenic is almost a way of life, a base of operations, a design statement, a reliable friend... It's true that the Scenic has spawned a number of imitators, but none has topped the original design. Here are a few of the unique features that endear the Scenic to its owners:

  • - Extra interior height and twin sunroofs, giving an incredible feeling of space and light.
  • - Underfloor storage, underseat storage, back of seat storage, in fact, storage everywhere you look. Not a cubic inch is wasted, meaning that you can keep a huge amount of 'clobber' onboard, for emergencies and common events. For example, seaside kit, emergency food and clothing for your children, car cleaning and maintenance stuff, outdoor play equipment, all neatly stashed away and out of sight.
  • Cutaway of Scenic 2- Lifestyle gadgets that are actually useful, such as the extra 12V power socket in the back, three fold down tables and the fridge/coolbox in the front.
  • - Very flexible seating, all three of the back seats fold forward, slide around, lift out completely, meaning that you can fit surprisingly large and oddly shaped loads in.

I've owned Scenics for the last sixteen years and can vouch for their effectiveness. If you want a car that provides the ultimate driving/cornering experience then look elsewhere. But if you want a car that can significantly improve your lifestyle and that of your family, then the Scenic is IT.

Cutaway, labelled of Scenic interiorIf you haven't actually bought one yet, do read my models page first, as some of the features mentioned above were omitted on the lower-end models in the Scenic's early years.

Nothing's perfect, least of all a motor car with hundreds of moving parts. Take a look at our Scenic Problems page for some faults and fixes found by others. Maybe you've got something to add here?

Into the distanceIn the Resources page, you'll find original publicity artwork demonstrating the Scenic's versatility and options, plus other miscellaneous bits, including independent reviews. Hopefully, you'll find it all useful!

Finally, there's a Guestbook with testimonies from other happy Renault Scenic owners. Lots of interesting reading!

Steve Litchfield