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What is it?

An all-in-one musician's tool for the Psion Series 5/5mx and Revo. (See also my Musician for modern Symbian/Series 60 smartphones) Piano features:

  • A playable keyboard with a 'warm' sound and infinite note-length variation (note stops when you lift the pen). Includes smooth note-to-note slides (a la Rolf Harris 'Stylophone'!), volume and octave control and a tune recording/playback facility
  • A metronome, with optional sound effects, now scalable up to 200+bpm. A tap tempo feature allows interactive tempo setting. The Series 5/5mx's red 'record' LED also flashes *in time with the rhythm
  • A tuner, allowing long soundings of any given note in any octave and almost infinite volume control
  • A key calculator/transposer, including notes and common chords, each fully soundable (Series 5/5mx version only)
  • Various tempo calculations
  • Preferences that allow baroque and other non-standard convert tunings

Screen shot

Download it now

Piano v2.7 for the Psion Series 5/5mx is downloadable here as piano27.zip.

Piano v3.0 for the Psion Revo / Revo Plusis downloadable here as piano30.zip.


  • Once downloaded and unzipped, please read the README.TXT before installing, as it includes important information on upgrading OPL/32 on your machine to handle musical tones, if you haven't already done so. You may need the special instexe.exe file. Just put it in any folder on the Psion and tap on it. Your Psion will then understand .SIS files etc.

Screen shot

Thanks for your interest in this program!

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Thanks to Andrew Giddings for his work on the tap tempo feature, the key screen, the slick buttons and on general tidying up of my code. Thanks to Fred Sebton and John Neale for the inspiration to write Piano in the first place. And thanks also to Otfried Chong and RMR Software for providing the note-sounding routine.