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Series 90 freeware
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The idea here is to help you find software that's free, of course, but it's more than a simple matter of keeping costs down.

As many of you will have found by now, most software for Symbian smartphones tends to be locked to a specific device IMEI code, which means that when your device breaks and gets replaced, you have to spend ages tracking down developers and begging replacement registration codes. There's no such problem with freeware, which can be copied around to your own (or others) units without worrying about codes or infringements.

If you're a programmer and would like your freeware included here, please drop me a line. Table last updated May 2006.

EEMame MAME game system Home page
MapView GPS II OziExplorer-compatible GPS mapping system Home page
Metro Underground route planner for major cities around the world Home page
Mobipocket Reader Ebook and general compressed hypertext reader. Lots of content to download and create. Home page
OggPlay The best music player for Series 80. Full CD-quality stereo from .ogg files, half the size of MP3. Home page
Pdf+ Adobe Acrobat Reader Home page
Picodrive Sega Megadrive emulator Home page
Pocket Quran Pocket Muslim 'bible' in Arabic Home page
S90Capture Screen capture Download
TaskSpy Task manager, monitor your system, close running programs down, etc. Home page
Tasky Another task manager, memory tracker Home page
Trivopaedia ebook-based hypertext encyclopaedia of useful and useless info Home page

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