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RResources: Miscellaneous extra images and clippings.

1979 press coverage of the launch of the Lotus 80. 2 pages, in each case, click on the thumbnail to see the page full size:

The Lotus 79 in 'purest' form, at its launch. Notice the greater rake on the main bodywork and the extension through to the rear wing:
79 at launch

A 'naked' Lotus 79 without its outer skin, being wheeled out:
Naked 79

Illustration of the difference between the 78 and the 79, with comments from The Encyclopaedia of Supercars:
Rear of each model

Models! There have been a variety of die-cast models produced of the Lotus 78, 79 and 80. Here's a selection, in that order:
78 model 79 model 80 model