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This site is dedicated to the Team Lotus Formula 1 cars between 1977 and 1979. This was a classic period of grand prix car development and Lotus were in the vanguard. Possibly THE most important ingredient in a Formula 1 car's speed is the aerodynamic package, and this brief period in Lotus's illustrious history was where it all started in earnest.

Lotus 79Before the Lotus 78, Lotus 79 and Lotus 80, cars scrambled their way around circuits trying not to fall off. With the dawn of 'ground effect' aerodynamics, there was downforce aplenty and cars were kept sucked to the circuit. With the result that you could drive an awful lot faster round corners!

In this mini-site, you'll find pictures, history and details of these cars, lovingly scanned from my scrapbook, with comments as appropriate. If you were (or are) a Lotus fan, come in and enjoy!

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