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All About GUPI - the electronic guinea pig!


for Series 80 (Nokia 9210, Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500)

HexView is my freeware project to browse (and edit) the contents of any file. Standard hexadecimal and ASCII views are shown. HexView is useful for:

  • Programmers, to manipulate binary files directly
  • End-users, to peek into the contents of a mystery file that won't open


Thanks to John Boyce, whose hex routine in JB5Utils (for the 1997 Psion Series 5) provided most of the functionality you see here! Now that's what you call portable source code. The wonders of OPL!


HexView is released by me as freeware for the Communicator community.


Download v0.3 here as hexview.sis (6k). See the notes below about needing the OPL runtime patch. There's no beginner's README.TXT as this utility is for people who already know what they're doing! 8-)

Changes since 0.1: HexView no longer closes everytime you switch away and then back to it(!); minor cosmetic tweaks; you can now optionally open files from System or ROM folders.

When installing OPL programs onto the Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500, you'll get the standard 'This application may not be compatible' warning. This is, of course, rubbish, and can safely be ignored.

Please get feedback and reports of any bugs to me as soon as possible!

Look! OPL 'runtime' needed!

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to have already installed the free OPL 'runtime' on your communicator or smartphone. This is a small and safe patch that gives your device the ability to run OPL freeware and shareware programs and is highly recommended. You can even write your own, on your device, should you feel ambitious! Get the OPL runtime for the Nokia 9200 series here and the version for the Nokia 9500 here.