LEGO MOC Space 1999 Eagle - build tips and photos

Aside from providing some photos of my build, as a relative novice LEGO builder I wanted to share a few tips, learned over the last couple of months.

Space 1999 LEGO Eagle

This mini-site has three pages: Tips/home - Build photos - Gallery

* in fact, due to the way the parts are packaged, you get a few random parts you don't need left over. This is normal.

With all this mind, my build went very smoothly, see the step by step photos here. See also the photo Gallery here.

I bought my Eagle MOC from eBay. It was the 'last one left' from a very limited run, but I see that new production runs (e.g. people assembling the bags/kits!) have meant that this is usually still available, e.g. here, as I write this. The right price should be just less than UKP60, delivered from China (takes about two weeks tops). They email the PDF build instructions, produced using LEGO's MOC software.

You can contact me at [email protected] and you can 'tip' me if these pages have proved helpful to you by using PayPal. Thanks.