Dinky Space 1999 Eagle restoration

Space 1999 Dinky Eagle restoration

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Back in the 1970's Dinky made a great number of die-cast metal TV sci-fi tie-in toys, of which the Space 1999 Eagle was easily my favourite. Here's a typical example 45 years later, showing typical wear and tear!

Space 1999 Eagle toy

Note the paint scuffs all round. And this is one in good condition - 45 years is a long time! See eBay for many other examples, usual in worse nick.

The original model had green nose and legs, since Dinky apparently didn't think children would want an all-white toy (gets dirty easily?), but most fans since have sought to rectify this decision. One option is to buy an example of the 'freighter' version (with passenger pod switched out for a hoist platform), since that DID have a white nose, and then mix and match as needed. However, this means buying two (used) toys and isn't always possible. Moreover, the white model will also have similar signs of wear and will need major renewing.

With this in mind, I wanted to put together a basic list of instructions and suggestions for restoring a 1970's Dinky Eagle to 'better than before' condition, ideally getting closer to the look of the Eagle transporters in the TV show. Do note that I didn't go all the way, plus there are as many decal/paint jobs for Eagles as you care to find online - ultimately it's up to you and how much fun you have painting, touching up, and adding decals. Whatever you end up will probably be unique to you, but it will also look a lot better and... even... realistic.

See the hero images at the top and below, plus the gallery, for what I came up with, anyway!

Space 1999 Dinky Eagle restorationSpace 1999 Dinky Eagle restoration

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