'LEGO Creator Expert' 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van - build tips and photos

Aside from providing some photos of my build, as a novice 'LEGO Creator Expert' builder I wanted to share a few tips, learned over the last couple of months.

LEGO camper

This mini-site has three pages: Tips/home - Build photos - Lighting kit photos

* in fact, due to the way the parts are packaged, you get a few random parts you don't need left over. This is normal.

With all this mind, my build went very smoothly, see the photos here. I also bought the third party lighting kit, e.g. from Amazon UK here. Although this isn't endorsed by LEGO, the way the van is designed makes fitting the loom of LEDs reasonably easy (about an hour's extra work). See the lighting kit photos here.

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