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for Series 80 (Nokia 9210, Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500)

Automail is my freeware project to automate email retrieval on the Nokia Communicator. As the device stands, you have to manually initiate 'retrieve e-mail' and then go off and make a cup of tea while it all actually happens. The idea of Automail is to have this happen automatically every so often, even with the clamshell closed, so that all you have to do is open your Communicator whenever convenient and see what's waiting.


A few brief notes on useage:

  • To abort Automail, go to the 'hibernating' message and use Ctrl-shift-chr-k. This may be made a friendlier function in future versions. In addition, you may need to do this manually before doing a PC Suite backup, as this will close Messaging down, giving Automail nothing to control.
  • 9210 users - you do need to make sure Messaging is running before starting Automail. And make sure your Internet access settings are such that each mail session doesn't leave you online unnecessarily.


Automail is released by me as freeware for the Communicator community. If you do find it saves you time and money, though, I'd welcome a small donation by PayPal to say thank you. You can use the button below, or see here for more info.

Changelog for v1.2 (since 1.1):
Added basic error handling - Automail will clear any existing error (e.g. no GPRS coverage) before starting a new email link.

Changelog for v1.1 (since 0.8):
Fixed bug where 'third account' would get checked even if you didn't have one! Added support for three email accounts; added option to check as often as practical rather than just on the hour.

Changes for v0.8 (since 0.5):
Tweaked dialog text, to make operation clearer; Added support for two email accounts, you can select which ones you want checked in the main setup dialog; Removed requirement for the screen highlight to be in any particular account


Download v1.2 here as automail12.zip (6k). See the notes below about needing the OPL runtime patch.

When installing OPL programs onto the Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500, you'll get the standard 'This application may not be compatible' warning. This is, of course, rubbish, and can safely be ignored.

Please get feedback and reports of any bugs to me as soon as possible!

Look! OPL 'runtime' needed!

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to have already installed the free OPL 'runtime' on your communicator or smartphone. This is a small and safe patch that gives your device the ability to run OPL freeware and shareware programs and is highly recommended. You can even write your own, on your device, should you feel ambitious! Get the OPL runtime for the Nokia 9200 series here and the version for the Nokia 9500 here.

As an idea of the power of OPL, Automail was created from its intial idea to a working, SIS-distributed first beta in under two hours. Why not join the OPL revolution and create applications based on your own ideas?