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Atomic is a fast and furious Tetris clone, with versions for the Nokia 9200/9300/9500 series communicators and for Psion palmtops. Are you:

  • Fed up with Tetris games which play so weakly that you're left plodding through the same game for half an hour or more?
  • Looking for a real challenge?
  • Interested in a quick-fire game for playing in queues, on the toilet(!), etc?

Look no further than Atomic!

[Screen Shot]

Nokia 9200/9300/9500 series Communicators

Atomic 3.6 is available here as atomic.sis (107k), as 100% fully working shareware. Press Menu when in the game to see all the settings. If you like the game and would like to support me, please register the game!

When installing OPL programs onto the Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500, you'll get the standard 'This application may not be compatible' warning. This is, of course, rubbish, and can safely be ignored.

I've also done a detailed User Guide (atomicguide.pdf, 66K) to the program.

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to have already installed the free OPL Runtime patch on your communicator. This gives your communicator the ability to run OPL freeware and shareware programs and is highly recommended. Get the OPL runtime for the Nokia 9200 series here, the version for the Nokia 9500 here.

Please get feedback and reports of any bugs to me as soon as possible!

Psion palmtops

Atomic 1.4 is available here as atomic14.zip. Runs on Series 5 'classic'. Si vous êtes francophone, c'est ici comme atomf14.zip. Falls Sie Deutscher oder Deutsche sind, atomd14.zip. All ZIP files are around 40k to download.

Atomic 2.0is available here as atomic20.zip (38k). Runs on Psion Revo only, in english (at the moment). Well, OK, it runs on the Psion 5mx and 7 as well, but don't expect it to use the full screen! 8-)

Revo screen shot