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Articles and features

Stuff relating to the S60-based Nokia N95, 6630, 6680, Nokia Nseries or Eseries or any of the other couple of dozen compatible smartphones (articles are of different ages)

Holidaying with the Nokia N95 - from guest writer Nick Raets, with a little help from me. How to get one tiny smartphone to enhance your holiday!

Top Tips for taking quality stills on your Nokia N90, N73 or N93.

Top tips for shooting successful video on your Nokia N93 video smartphone. There's now a video version of this article!

Leaving the camcorder at home? How have I got on shooting my family video on a smartphone for the last 12 months?

Tips and techniques to let you double your Eseries communicator as a functional digital music player

A warning over fake and cheap memory cards

A plea for sanity following the intense media hype about Symbian OS viruses

A page detailing the clean-up steps needed if you've been careless enough to let your smartphone become 'infected' by a piece of malware.

Secret Safe - a way of encrypting your secrets, in a PC-compatible way. Keep your secrets from prying eyes!

Is it practical to use a Symbian Series 60 smartphone as your only device, using it for everything you used to use a Psion, Camera and Walkman for? I found out on holiday, here's my report.

Moblogging - MObile weB LOGGING - how to post your thoughts, news and images to the Internet in seconds from your Nokia Communicator or UIQ/Series 60 smartphone.

The poor man's word processor - How to use the PC-compatible word processor you didn't know your Series 60 smartphone had.

The advisability of unlocking your smartphone