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Games Arcade (/patches)

New - Series 5 Golf and Team Psion for the Series 5mx - get both games for £12! See below...

Introduction/Buying - Patches - Data updates - Reviews - Screenshots


Published by Psion Computers in 1997, Games Arcade included two of my own games. Screenshots from Team Psion and Golf are shown below, together with some from Stigma and Bomz5. The other game on the pack is TacTile.

This pack was designed for the Series 5 'classic' and all of the games (as supplied, on floppy disk) are virtually unplayable on the faster Series 5mx palmtop, which debuted in 1999. Hence the speed 'patches' below!

Games Arcade has now been deleted as a commercial product and my licensing agreement has been officially terminated. Hence I can now send out Series 5 Golf and Team Psion to any Series 5mx owners who would like to buy a copy. The offer price is £12 for both games, by electronic download. If you'd like to proceed, please either send me a cheque, use PayPal or use your credit card on the net to register a copy of my Fairway variant, quoting "GA 5MX OFFER" in the Notes field. The games will be made available to you within 24 hours.


These small patches replace the original .APP files and allow Series 5mx owners to play the Games Arcade games at playable speed on the faster processors.

  • Golf and Team Psion. Download arcade.zip and please read the README.TXT file! Note also that a special Revo version of Golf is available under the Fairway brand.
  • Stigma. Download Stigma5mx.zip from here and put the files into \system\apps\stigma5, overwriting the original files.
  • Bomz5. Download Bomz5.app and put it in the \system\apps\bomz5 folder, overwriting the original file. Note that this is an unofficial patch from Darren Prescott, but uploaded with Mick Andon's permission, pending his time in writing an official one!

Data updates

Herewith the Year 2007 team and driver update databases for Team Psion. Just put the two .dbf files in your main \System\Apps\TeamPsion folder, overwriting the previous ones.


You might like to subscribe to Palmtop magazine, which did an in-depth review of the whole pack in Issue 15.

John Woodthorpe has done a review on the web.

Screen shots

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[Screen Shot]

[Screen Shot]

[Screen Shot]

[Screen Shot]

[Screen Shot]