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The Series 5/5mx and EPOC A-List

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Essential addons to the best-selling palmtop
Palm-Tec 'MBC' hard case
Most of us have established by now that compact though the Series 5 is, it's not really pocketable. In fact, it's fairly bulky even in a hip or shoulder holster. So, given that it's going to be carried separately or packed into a briefcase, why not protect it properly at the expense of a little more volume? The MBC plastic hardcase is the answer, of course. See Proporta.
Slick and addictive, there's no better way to pass the time!
Screen shot
The most comprehensive and ambitious EPOC game yet created, Atelier's commercial SimCity is entertaining, clever, challenging and long-lasting - all at the same time... It's possible to spend hours, days or even weeks, wrapped up in the game's virtual world, managing the growing pains of your own town. A great conversion of one of the classic desktop leisure titles.
Alternatively: PocketChess
As one of the oldest and most widely-played games, I guess it's no surprise to see a version of Chess figuring highly. In fact, there are two. A commercial version from Handango/Purple Software which plays a very strong game and a freeware version from Palmtime. The latter just wins on points by virtue of its price(!) but both are excellent achievements and offer hundreds of hours of gameplay.
Psion Games Arcade
The best games pack for the 5 so far is the first one from Psion themselves, though modesty forbids me mentioning that two of my own games are on it (Golf and Team Psion) - oops, just did! Bomz5 is another all-time classic, now updated for the 5's larger screen and pen interface, plus Stigma is fast, furious and will have you sweating in your chair. Screenshots and 5mx/7 patches?. Revo owners should also note Fairway.
Small but useful widgets than no Psion owner should be without
Screen shot
Macro5 on its own is a good program, providing fairly intuitive macro support and short-cut functions via the Series 5 keyboard. What raises it into the 'A' list is its price (free), the tremendous enthusiasm of its author (Pascal Nicolas) and its extraordinary take-up by the EPOC fraternity, with almost 100 macros available at last count. So effectively it's 100 programs in one and with a little care and attention will even make the tea for you as well (Fn-Control-T) 8-). See Pascal Nicholas' web site.
Alternatively: JB5Utils
A collection of invaluable EPOC utilities within the one shell. Most useful of all is the Folder size function which scans your drives adding up the space taken by each folder - the quickest and best way to spot where all your precious memory has gone! See John Boyce's web site.
The perfect way to keep working even in complete darkness. Now sporting an 'always in the foreground' on-screen keyboard, NightKeys is beautifully thought-out and implemented. See the Neuon web site.
Business software
Worthwhile add-ons to the built-in Psion application set for small businesses
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One of the largest and most 'serious' of all the applications ever written for the Psion palmtops, the shareware Plan takes the honours for the jaw-dropping feat of creating a full project management environment (with charts, resources, holidays and all the trimmings) from scratch. Overwhelming for beginners (or for those with bad eyesight!) but vital for business owners on the move. See the Twiddlebit web site for details.

(Note also all the small business freebies on PocketInfo)

Alternatively: Contact
I get asked for a contact manager for the 5 every day at the 3-Lib library. Contact is the application I steer people towards and they usually come back happy. Working within the restrictions of OPL/32, Contact is an impressive achievement with integration into Agenda, Word and Data to various degrees. Updated frequently, Contact is well-supported by RMR Software and a vital tool for a huge number of Series 5 power users.
In a very competitive field, ABP just wins out for the quality and frequency of its updates. And for the fact that despite these updates and its industrial-strength double-entry book-keeping system it's remained totally free. Now sporting accounts, categories, investments, graphics and a lot more, the author is generous too, advertising all his rivals in the program's documentation. See Malcolm Bryant's web site.
Reference software
A personal thing, of course, but these will appeal to everybody
Street Planner 99
Screen shot
The definitive urban route planner, Street Planner, is awesome in its attention to detail. Every street and alley in every town is here, with full walking or driving route-planning; it even knows about traffic calming measures, bollards and local restrictions! If you thought Palmtop Software's Route Planner was impressive, this is even better, complementing its sister product very well indeed. There is a complementary European product, too. See their web site for coverage details.
Alternatively: Trivopaedia
A veritable treasure trove or mish-mash (depending on your point of view) of information, facts and figures. Assembled by a team of hundreds - best of all, it's completely free!
Halliwell's Movie Guide
Another top-notch reference title from the undisputed kings of EPOC reference software. Details, reviews, ratings and trivia for 20,000 films from the early days of cinema until 1997. Apart from the lack of updates since it was launched, this application is nigh on perfect. You'll have to search for it second-hand, though.
Honourable mention: TomeRaider. This fairly new application offers huge copyright-free reference works, accessed at lightning speed through the use of clever indexing. See the TomeRaider web site for details.