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The 3-Lib Current Day 'A' list

Updated March 2008

This is my recommendation for the current best-of-breed in mobile devices. If you want to rate other platforms and solutions, see my Grid of PDA/smartphone solutions, to see how they compare to each other.

What should you buy?

Now, obviously, everyone's different, which is why I put together my Grid, so that you can add your own weightings. But I thought it might be useful to describe what I currently use and why.

Nokia N95 8GB

My choice here is the black beauty that's the Nokia N95 8GB. It's quite simply the best smartphone ever made, ticking all the boxes except one. From multimedia playback to camera to GPS and navigation to gorgeous 2.8" screen, it's just the best. The only box is doesn't tick is that of a qwerty keyboard, for which duties I use a Bluetooth k/b from Think Outside.

Do you want to buy the N95 8GB for free now?

Alternatives to the N95 8GB? Well, for those on a budget, the Nokia E71 has a surprising amount of functions in a smaller and cheaper package.

The Nokia E90 also has a lot of goodness (e.g. GPS, VGA video filming) in a qwerty form factor, but is somewhat heavier and clumsier and many operations are slower than you'd expect.

See also my comparison Grid, which explores the various attributes of most of the current contenders and helps you choose what's best for you.