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The 'Curated Symbian Game Store'

One of the problems with any mobile game store is that the sheer number of poorly programmed, trivial or novelty titles that get approved means that finding the good stuff isn't easy. What's needed is a games storefront that's a hundred times smaller. But has the 1% of content that's really good. And, in this case, still available!

This is what I've attempted here, for the Symbian world. Hopefully you'll find it a good time-saver. The 'review' links mainly go to my/our news or review coverage on All About Symbian.

NB. Not every game is compatible with every phone and OS release. Note that with the  closing down of the Nokia Store, some free games (plus those that have become unavailable) have been put up on the AAS servers for convenience. Just don't expect any support or guaranteed compatibility!

Compiled by Steve Litchfield. Page last updated March 2015. Please let me know of any broken links or if you have serious suggestions for adding to the directory. See also the new AppList curated Symbian client project.

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Protoxide: Death Race (review)
Raging Thunder HD (review)
Raging Thunder 2 HD (review)
Need For Speed: Shift HD (review) (download)
GT Racing: Motor Academy (review) (download)
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD (review)
Shrek Kart HD (review)
Burning Tires 3D (free) (review) (download)
Red Bull X Fighters*
Powerboat Challenge 3D (review)
Chess/board games/cards

MauMau (review) (download)
ZingMagic Chess V
Monopoly Classic HD (review)
Uno HD (review)
ZingMagic Backgammon Pro V (review)
Solitaire Qt (free) (review)
Yacht II (review)
Carcassonne (review)
Odesys Chess
Odesys Backgammon
ChessGenius (Lang)
General sports

RealGolf 2011 HD (free) (review) (download)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011* (review)
MicroPool (review)
Let's Golf 2 HD (review)
Backbreaker Football (review)
FantasyPool (review)
RPG, strategy
RPG and strategy

Dungeon Hunter 2 HD* (review)
The Adventures of Tintin HD (review)
Ultimate Spiderman: Total Mayhem HD (review)
Assassin's Creed HD (review)
The Sims 3 HD (review)
Eternal Legacy HD (review)
The Settlers HD (review)
Galaxy on Fire HD (download) (review)
Heroes of Kalevala (review)
Crusade of Destiny (review)
Catan - The Seafarers (review)
James Cameron's Avatar HD (review)
Hero of Sparta HD (review)
Extreme North (review)
Transformers Dark of the Moon (download)

Pure arcade

SkyForce Reloaded (review)
Dalton the Awesome! (review)
Dalton the Awesome! Reloaded
Grim Joggers (review)
Fruit Ninja (review)
Treemaker (review)
Galazer (review)
Galazer Deluxe (review)
The Impossible Game (review)
SpeedX (review)

SpeedFest (review)
Gravity Guy (review)
BreakFest (review)
Monster Pinball (review)
I must run (review)
Zuba Deluxe (review)
Tank Hero (review)
Undroid (review) (free)
SpeedX (review)
Block Breaker 3 Unlimited HD (review)
Arcade/physics-based puzzlers

Tetris HD (review)
Cut the rope (review)
Sparkle (review)
Angry Birds
Angry Birds Seasons (review)
Angry Birds Rio (download)
The Marbians HD (review)
Contre Jour (review)
Saving Private Sheep (review)
King Oddball (review)
IronWorm (review)
Swingworm (review)
Airport Control (review)
Tennis in the face (review)
Liqua Pop
Frozen Bubble (download)
Catch the Candy
Sparkle (review)
Sparkle 2
Gnome & Gnomer (free)
Monsterit (free)

Brain-stretching puzzles
(may have a time element)
FixTheNet (free) (review) (download)
Lafix 2 (free)
First person shooting/combat
/Tower Defense
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. HD (review) (download)

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