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Latest show - No.258, here (also embedded above), in (up to) 1080p HD (if you change the resolution and maximise above, or click through to watch on YouTube itself) - also available in 720p lower bit rate MP4 version and audio MP3 extract.

"Who's it for?"

Anyone who's either just purchased or is about to purchase a top end phone or smartphone - this isn't supposed to be TV for uber-geeks or programmers, it's more 'all about smartphones for the rest of us'.

"What do I need to play The Phones Show?"

Watch via YouTube on the web via any computer or tablet or smartphone. Or grab the MP4 manually or automatically by RSS/iTunes, to play on a Windows desktop or a Mac or an iPod or a PSP or a smartphone. So that's just about everybody sorted then!

"When does it come out?"

In busy times, every week or two. When there's less to review or cover, every two or three weeks. Meanwhile, the weekly Phones Show Chat audio podcast keeps a scheduled beat going with my thoughts - and guests!

"Shot ON a smartphone? Really?"

Yes, virtually all of The Phones Show is shot (video and stills) on a phone. In previous times, I've used the Nokia N93, N86, Samsung i8910 HD, N8 and 808 PureView. I now also use the Nokia Lumia 1020 (the Nokia phones have always had by far the best captured audio and video quality). I wanted to demonstrate how powerful some of these modern devices are in terms of multimedia creation. The Show is the proof....

"Your Show has helped me, how can I help you?"

In many ways: by spreading the word to your friends and colleagues; by linking to The Phones Show (use from your blog or web page; by using the small Google ads on these pages; by buying your must-have devices and accessories through Steve's Amazon Store, by asking for a free GiffGaff SIM with free credit, and, most of all, by making a small donation to help keep the show going.

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Show 258 - Hands-on previews and reviews of the Honor 7 and Motorola Moto X Play

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Smart Ultra 6Show 256 - News catch-up, plus hands-on review of the bargain Smart Ultra 6

Show 255 - News of the Honor 7, Hands-on review of the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, and a Proporta Premium Present

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Turbocharger 8000Show 253 - Musings on smartphone size, past, present and future, plus a look at the Turbocharger 8000

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Show 248 - Review of the HTC One M9, with traditional camera at last, plus news of the M8s...

SmartwatchesShow 247 - Musings on smartwatches, a look at the Frankie II and Android 5.1 on.... the ancient Galaxy Nexus!

Show 246 - Review of the 'Nexus 6 Lite', musings on the smartphone experience, and a MWC catch-up!

Show 245 - Review of the unique Yotafone 2 and the ultra-rare OnePlus One, plus the Proporta 6-port Turbocharger

Desire EYEShow 244 - Review of the HTC Desire EYE, with twin main cameras, plus news of Windows 10

Show 243 - Review of the 5"-screened budget Lumia 535, a look at CES news, Camera FV-5 and the Proporta SafeKeep wallet

Show 242 - Hands-on review of the Google/Motorola Nexus 6, a vision of the future?

Galaxy Note 4Show 241 - The last show of 2014: Review of the top-specced Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Show 240 - My Top 5 Phones for Christmas 2014, plus a look at the Proporta Stripe Turbocharger 12000 and a review of the LG G Watch R

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