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Programme 42 covers:

  • news from the smartphone world, including video from Nokia's huge Go:Play event in London
  • tips for getting best performance out of your smartphone's GPS
  • my Top 5 smartphones in the world - the devices you should definitely save up for!

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Show 58 - Head to head between the world's top 4 camera-toting (smart)phones, the Nokia N95, the N82, the Sony Ericsson K850i and the LG Viewty, all with 5 megapixel optics; Hands-on, full review of the i-Mate Ultimate 9502

Show 57 - Creating a work of Position Art with an N82; Faster Google searching on Windows Mobile and S60; Hands-on, full review of the Samsung i550 smartphone

Show 56 - News of Windows Mobile 6.1 and other top stories, the Smartphones Show FAQ, a guest spot, explaining Tilt Shift treatment of smartphone photos, plus a hands-on mini-review of the Nokia N81 8GB

Show 55 - hands-on review of the Samsung i450 (the poor man's Nokia N95?), reflections on the Apple iPhone SDK and future gaming plans, plus a walk through on adding push GMail to your smartphone

Show 54 - news from CeBIT, a walkthrough of geotagging and photo sharing with Nokia's Ovi, a look at the Blackberry Internet Service and a tutorial on putting in a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade to a bargain basement smartphone

Show 53 - extended news from Mobile World Congress, plus iPhone tips, reflections on convergence progress in the last 10 years.

Show 52 - hands-on review of the Palm Treo 500v, a roundup of the very best S60/Symbian applications and a mini-review of the Blackberry Curve 8310.

Show 51 - hands-on review of the Sony Ericsson W960i, plus Apple iPhone tips

Show 50 - hands-on review of the Nokia N82, with every gadget under the sun and a Xenon flash; an introduction to the world of the RIM Blackberry - is it a serious smartphone contender?

Show 49 - a look at some smartphone bargains; verview of the HTC Touch and Touch Dual, plus a review of all the add-on keyboard utilities;using your smartphone as a wireless modem for your laptop

Show 48 - extended news, including the Nokia N82, plus a real world head-to-head between the Apple iPhone and Nokia N95 8GB

Show 47 - hands on review of the Nokia E51 smartphone, plus a feature on qwerty keyboard input on mobile devices and a walkthrough of upgrading a Windows Mobile 5 device to Windows Mobile 6

Show 46 - news and a bumper head-to-head review - Nokia E90 versus AT&T Tilt (a.k.a. HTC Kaiser, TyTN II, etc.)

Show 45 - video news from the London Smartphone Show 2007, review of the Nokia N95 8GB and a report on MP4 video software

Show 44 - video news from HTC's big launch day in London this week, with hands-on time with the Shift, the Touch Dual and the S730; "Can a smartphone replace a laptop?"

Show 43 - news from the smartphone world, including video from Nokia's E51 launch and Apple's iPhone UK launch, a look ahead to the London Smartphone Show and a hands-on review of the UBiQUiO 503G

Show 42 - news from the smartphone world, including video from Nokia's huge Go:Play event in London; tips for getting best performance out of your smartphone's GPS; my pick of the Top 5 most desirable smartphones in the world

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