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Review of SplashPhoto

Symbian platform: UIQ
Review first published in: Palmtop User magazine, issue 6

Screen shotYou have to hand it to them, the folks at SplashData turn out some pretty polished applications. This is their first for Symbian, a port of their well known SplashPhoto for UIQ devices such as the P800. It's true that UIQ comes with a basic image browser, Pictures, but it's inflexible, slow and large images can't be panned around at full zoom (especially annoying for scanned-in maps).

SplashPhoto sorts out everything that's wrong or missing in Pictures. There's a choice of no less than four browsing modes (file list, small thumbnails with details, large thumbnails and '12 to a page'), all of which work well. Viewing a photo always happens full-screen and tapping and holding gives full control, including a 'Zoom to 100%' function. With this last activated, panning around million pixel maps is made fast and easy. Perhaps most importantly of all, the decoding of JPG images is much faster than Pictures and you can navigate a full-screen slide-show almost as fast as you can turn the Jog Dial.

About the only downside is the way that extra photos added by the supplied SplashPhoto Desktop end up in a different folder to those for Pictures, but both are scanned by SplashPhoto and most users will perceive their albums as seamless. Usefully, registered users of the Palm OS version can switch platforms and use their existing registration codes. $30, from www.splashdata.com