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Review of Active Desk

Symbian platform: UIQ
Review first published in: Palmtop User magazine, issue 5

Screen shotIt's rather an indictment by Cibenix of the P800's interface that something like Active Desk is thought to be needed at all. The main feature, for those lusting after a Pocket-PC style 'Today' view, is an all-in-one summary of your day, your tasks and your messages, shown (after a brief but irritating pause) whenever you open the P800's flip. It looks pretty and is hugely customisable (photo, sounds, text colours, etc.) but is ultimately a cosmetic thing, dropping out to the original P800 applications if you want to actually do anything. Icons down the left-hand side kick off each application in its appropriate 'new entry' mode.

The other feature of note is the built-in Task Manager, rectifying this important omission in the Symbian operating system, showing what's currently running and letting you switch to (or end) a particular application. $20, from www.cibenix.com