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A brief history lesson first! Russ Spooner started this application as shareware, back in the dark old days of the original Series 5 (1997). Due to work commitments the program started to languish, so I took it over in 1998. Unfortunately, HtmlEdit's advanced memory management proved beyond my expertise, and I gave up on the program (making it unsupported freeware) in 1999.

Now it's supported again (hurrah!), by Trygve Henriksen, whose programming ability has enabled him to fix the few annoying memory bugs that had frustrated me. HtmlEdit is a complete HTML editing suite, with libraries of tags and attributes that can be inserted or placed around selected text. There are also built-in utilities to help with such things as colour picking.

The brand new v2.4 of HtmlEdit is compatible with any EPOC palmtop and can be downloaded from Trygve's web page at http://home.c2i.net/trygveh/english/download/. The program's still freeware.

HtmlEdit v2.4 on Revo
HtmlEdit v2.4 running on a Psion Revo