The Fastest Over Ever
Introduction - By Michael - Video - Miscellany

The impetus behind this mini-site was my opinion that Michael Holding was possibly the fastest bowler in history. At his very peak anyway. His run up and delivery seemed 100% efficient and you had to wonder why so many other fast bowlers used up so much energy delivering using such wierd actions...

And for many, there was reference to a magical over against England in the West Indies in 1981, in which he bamboozled and then bowled Geoff Boycott.

I didn't see the over at the time, I was at university and spending 10 years away from cricket generally. But I heard about it, and later read about it, and finally watched it.

Enjoy the over and this mini-site. Keep on remembering, and get in touch if you can contribute any more material.

Steve Litchfield, Updated 2009

Michael Holding in full flight