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I should start by saying that I'm not a medical professional* and that my qualifications are more in general science than in medicine. However, I'm an intelligent man who's fascinated in the subject of cancer, from the perspective of why it's feared so much, why it's so common and, of course, how best to avoid becoming seriously ill or dying. OK, so there's a degree of self interest there!

    * and as such I take no responsibility whatsoever for any advice given on these pages. Please do your own research, use your own intelligence and consult your own health care professionals if you still have burning questions.

Everybody has cancer

In this section, I'll be looking at what cancer is, why it's not to be feared as much as you might think and what your body is already doing to fight its effects, even while you sleep!


Lifestyle tips for avoiding life-threatening cancer

Building on what your body's already doing, there's a lot you can do to help it and avoid a possibly fateful day. Something here for everyone - can you hit all the bases and give your body the maximum chance of longevity?

Cancer references and online resources

Useful links that may help your further study.

Steve Litchfield (age 55), Summer 2017