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I'm a huge Amazon fan. Mainly because the prices are the cheapest, the service/returns policy is the best. And through the magic of 'affiliates', you can now browse and buy just the smartphone and tech kit you need on Amazon right here. Although the kit won't cost you a penny more, a few pennies do go to this site, to help keep the wheels turning and the Phones Show on the air. Thanks in advance!

Note that if you want to buy stuff other than these bargains, you'll find it easiest to just use this link through to the main Amazon site, so that your searches will work across all products!

Here then are my current Top Bargains and Tech Picks, as at April 2019 - take your pick! Note that these aren't just plucked from a page - each of these is based on my personal use and all the kit that I have in my own gadget bag and car.... 8-)

  1. Monoprice Triple XXX headphones - these massively out perform their UKP50 price and are essentially reference audio in your ear canals. Crystal clear bass and top end, thanks to three speaker drivers in each ear. See also my AAWP review.
    Triple XXX earphones
  2. Or, if you'd rather go wireless, see the Tribit XFree Bluetooth headphones - I've tried loads of Bluetooth headphones under UKP100 and these are the best. Yes, the buttons are stiff and need more of a nail 'pinch', yes, the gimmicky 'handles' to fit in the outer ear aren't needed, but the Tribit XFree are all about audio quality - it's stunning. Maybe not totally pure (this is Bluetooth, after all), but rich bass, clear top end, amazing sound stage, and all for a guide price of UKP24. Amazing. Reviewed by me here.
  3. Tronsmart Element Force - it's the ultimate Bluetooth speaker - indestructible, super loud and bassy output, charges via Type C. And it now travels with me wherever I go (overnight, at least!) See also my AAWP review here. Guide price UKP45
  4. Xiivio Type C 'mini hub' charging and listening adapter - this is the one you need if your smartphone only outputs digital audio (think Pixels, HTC, recent Sonys) - now available in red! Guide price is UKP17. Reviewed by me here.
    Xiivio mini-hub
  5. HIDIZS pro-grade DAC/dongle - if you're a real audiophile then this is the way to get top notch high volume, high quality audio out of any phone with a USB Type C port. Prices seem to vary with availability, but I paid UKP28. They're UKP40 or so when I last looked. Reviewed by me here!
  6. One more headphone set to recommend, this time for sports fans: Veho 360 Water Resistant Sports Earphone - although not advertised as hi-fi quality, these are tremendous. OK, they need two hands free to 'fit', but they stay in place and have a full 1cm speaker driver. Terrific bass! Guide price 10 UKP, which is staggering value.
  7. EasyAcc Megacharge D20, UKP35 or so, but worth it. 20,000mAh, quad output, double input, QC 3.0 compatibility, tough casing and a really bright floodlight torch! See my review here.

  8. Ultra-cheap, ultra colourful folding smartphone stand - 99p!!
  9. Veho T2 laptop bag - impressive all round padding for laptop, travel essentials (shirt, toiletries etc.) and all manner of gadgets, with pockets and slots and so on. And it converts into a backback in seconds, with padded shoulder straps. Guide price 25 UKP.
    T2 bag
  10. Spigen mains USB charger - UK accessory, solid and capable with twin outputs and QC3.0 compatibility. Guide price under 12 UKP
    Dual charger