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For Phones Show 150(!), I'm soliciting video contributions from people like you, with a view to featuring them on the show.

For example, I might feature a short video clip of someone explaining why he'd dumped his old HTC Hero for a Nokia N8 or iPhone or Galaxy S II and how he'd been getting on with it. That sort of thing.

If you've changed your phone in the last 6 months and want to share the reasons why you chose your current device with the world, then here's what you need to know about submitting your clip:

  • Keep it brief. You have exactly thirty seconds, maximum. If you can do it in 20, then even better!
  • Keep the video quality high. Minimum resolution is VGA, and ideally 720p. Many top-end phones film in 720p resolution or better these days, so this shouldn't be a problem.
  • Shoot your clip in good light. Indoors in the evenings, in your living room, isn't good enough. Light is everything when shooting photos or video. If possible, shoot in daylight, either outdoors or in a sunlit room.
  • Keep the audio quality high - try to avoid wind, vacuum cleaners, TVs, fountains and traffic!
  • If you're talking about specific devices (as is likely), then please have them on hand to wave in front of the camera - unless you happen to be shooting the video ON one of them, of course!
  • Videos can be sent in via email to [email protected], uploaded to your own YouTube channel (I can 'rip' them from there) stuck on a FTP server somewhere or uploaded to a Dropbox/USendIt account. I'm sure you'll find a way!

So there you have it. Would you like to see your video up on screen, in front of tens of thousands of mobile enthusiasts, explaining why your choice of phone or smartphone is the best? Then why not get involved?

Thanks, all!

Steve Litchfield, Summer 2011

All content on this site and in the Show is copyrighted to Steve Litchfield and to the relevant guest reviewers. All rights reserved, please do not distribute the video files further than your own computing equipment.