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The Phones Show (for potential sponsors)

This is an established video and audio podcast production, providing a fortnightly ten or twelve minute video programme with high production standards and a weekly, slightly less formal, 1 hour audio podcast.

The aim for both productions is to inform and entertain, taking the subject of mobile phones and mobile computing to the next stage beyond traditional TV coverage (e.g. The Gadget Show, Click!), while keeping the language accessible to the enthusiastic casual phone buyers and users.

Coverage includes (mainly) Symbian, Android, Windows Phone, RIM and iOS-powered smartphones and the software that runs on them. Special features (e.g. Security) are introduced as common to all mobile phone platforms, so there's usually plenty for everyone.


Although not every programme is sponsored by a company in the phone ecosystem (most programmes are kept going purely through user donations), I do need regular sponsors, entities willing to pick up the sponsorship tab for one or more programmes.

What a sponsor gets

  • Up to 15 seconds of video/sideshow advertising at the start of the relevant programme OR a direct piece of show content, usually an interview or demo, up to four minutes, much less obviously an advert and with my editorial hands-on. Either way, you'll be putting your company's message or latest product directly in front of many tens of thousands of pairs of early adopter/enthusiast eyes!
  • A say in (or veto over) what other content is scheduled for inclusion
  • On-screen personal or text thanks for helping fund The Phones Show
  • Relevant hyperlinks from the programme download page, if desired

The above sponsor suggestions are completely flexible. I'm open to creative ideas for integrating a sponsor's products into the flow of Phones Show subject matter. For official sponsorship enquiries, please email me at the address below.

Steve Litchfield, (C) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, email me at A 3-Lib production.

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Essential stats

Total Phones Show views (via iTunes or YouTube) as at January 2014:


Each programme of The Phones Show, in its lifetime (no show is ever deleted) will be:

seen by between 25,000 and 85,000 early adopters and tech enthusiasts (depending on exact subject matter)


"Your show is excellent. I try not to miss watching it, one of the very few video podcasts I watch. ...I enjoy seeing the wide variety of devices you review. Thanks for putting on a well researched, well presented and thoroughly entertaining show." Steve Cousins
"All of your videos were extremely informative and to-the-point" Jusko
"Great videos, smart and full of info" Carlodi
"Love your show and your ability to properly present the features of phone technology. It is obvious you have a long history with Mobile technology and understand the devices very well and know how to utilise the technology to it’s fullest, even pushing the boundaries." Mark Grimwood
"I love your show, your practical approach to reviewing smartphones with an emphasis on how they will work in the real world is a breath of fresh air from all the hype surrounding the release of most new phones" John Donellan
"I based my latest phone purchase upon your review... the greatest show on the Internet. Keep up the great work" Andreas Hellqvist
"Just watched show 44. OMG, it was excellent, very professional and exquisite. Hope I'll see you at BBC TV" Horia Stanescu
"The most honest, cut-to-the-chase, easy to watch/listen to show anywhere. You home in on the key details" Dave Dyer
"I can't believe how good the video quality is - it looks more like it was shot with an expensive video camera than a pocketable smartphone" Steve Clack
"I am impressed with how you show functions and figures, and how you shine light on all these great and (some not so great) products" James Muir
"The most credible person on YouTube as far as phone specs go" C Solomon
"Keep up the great work, your podcasts are so informative and unbiased" Celyn Jones
"I can't believe how thoroughly you reviewed these phones... Good job! *hits subscribe*" R Sherfan