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As usual, @stevelitchfield nails it. Best tech reviewer on the web. Andrew Carrier

Rob Vanderkam "You are one hell of a good journalist and content and media expert. I am especially impressed with your consistent upbeat, pleasant, engaging tone, consistent year after year! I also an really impressed with, and appreciate, your writing skills, which are obviously buttressed by your academic past. I could go on. I appreciate your positive contribution to the field and to humanity. No, that's not hyperbole - we all contribute, and your profile is positive and enlightened."

"I'm watching them all - Mkbhd, Android Authority, Pocket Now, etc - but your credibility is unmatched and your opinion trumps them all."

CKS Richardson
"I'd also like to thank you for your honest reviews of mobile phones. No other tech reviewers that I've seen dedicate as much time to using devices in real world situations before giving their verdicts. I would never have gotten an 808 if it wasn't for you, and the pictures that I've been able to capture (especially of my daughter who is now 19 months) are worth ten times the amount that I paid for the device. Keep up the good work sir!"

"Steve's 'first looks' at devices probably tell you more than full reviews of thousands of words on other sites." Jack Duran

iBunkaTraining "It's shocking how far you are head and shoulders above other review outlets. Nobody could get away with so much words and still not sound like he is droning on and on..."

THIS is why Steve is one of the best reviewers and smartphone commentators around. You just cannot get this level of originality anywhere else. He provides way, way more interesting and informative content than whole tech teams with thousands of times his budget. Joe Fallon

John Balshaw "If Heineken did phone reviews... they'd be done by Steve Litchfield..."

"Your show is excellent. I try not to miss watching it, one of the very few video podcasts I watch. ...I enjoy seeing the wide variety of devices you review. Thanks for putting on a well researched, well presented and thoroughly entertaining show." Steve Cousins
Jusko "All of your videos were extremely informative and to-the-point"

"Love your show and your ability to properly present the features of phone technology. It is obvious you have a long history with Mobile technology and understand the devices very well and know how to utilise the technology to it’s fullest, even pushing the boundaries." Mark Grimwood

John Donellan"I love your show, your practical approach to reviewing smartphones with an emphasis on how they will work in the real world is a breath of fresh air from all the hype surrounding the release of most new phones"

"I based my latest phone purchase upon your review... the greatest show on the Internet. Keep up the great work" Andreas Hellqvist

Dave Dyer "The most honest, cut-to-the-chase, easy to watch/listen to show anywhere. You home in on the key details"

"Great show. In fact I created a youtube account intitially for the sole purpose of subsribing to this channel. Great work, you seem to be the only fellow that sees mobile technology for what is." Alexander

Carlodi "Great videos, smart and full of info"

"Just watched show 44. OMG, it was excellent, very professional and exquisite. Hope I'll see you at BBC TV" Horia Stanescu

Jo Laurence, PodFinder UK "Ah, if only I could find a man to love me the way Steve Litchfield loves his phones...."

"I can't believe how good the video quality is - it looks more like it was shot with an expensive video camera than a pocketable smartphone" Steve Clack

James Muir "I am impressed with how your show functions and figures, and how you shine light on all these great and (some not so great) products"

"The most credible person on YouTube as far as phone specs go" C Solomon

Celyn Jones "Keep up the great work, your podcasts are so informative and unbiased"

"I can't believe how thoroughly you reviewed these phones... Good job! *hits subscribe*" R Sherfan

Tony Butler "Your videos are always informative, entertaining and balanced; I can't think of any other reviewer who goes into as much depth and covers as much ground as you do"

"You were the first review YouTuber I officially subscribed to and there's a reason. You've remained honest and always given 'your' personal perspective despite surrounded popularity or otherwise. Not to mention keeping it simple and personal. Your work is truly appreciated." Common Sensei

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