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Other stuff!

After the recent site redesign, there was all this other stuff left over. Some content is older than other bits! Enjoy...

Top Tips and Tricks for getting more from your Symbian/S60-powered phone

An archive gallery of (fairly) high resolution images of Psion palmtops and Symbian communicators in various situations. Use them in your own pages and documents.

Downloads - Direct downloads of freeware or full-working shareware programs created by myself, Steve Litchfield, for Psion palmtops, Nokia communicators or UIQ or S60 smartphones. Including the Fairway golf game, TimeLog, Mapper, Atomic, Piano, Trivopaedia, Musician, patches for the Games Arcade games, and many others...

PsiFind - my attempt to round up long-forgotten Psion software that would otherwise be lost in the mists of time...

Psion and Symbian Links - Where to try next in your quest for Psion and Symbian software.

Programmer directory - the definitive list of every remaining EPOC and Psion Series 3 programmer on the planet.