It's the latest craze in UK schools and yet it's an utter enigma. For a start, it's got many names: Lolo Ball (or even Lo Lo Ball!) Moon Ball Pogo Ball Space Hopper Disc-O, to name but five. 'Space Hopper', by the way is actually something slightly different, in that you sit on it, but....

The other strange thing is that it's not a new craze at all, with the 'Lolo Ball' having been invented in 1985 in the USA. The initial craze died down within 5 years, but it's making a resurgence in 2008. Oh yes. And it's just as great for kids' health and balance as it ever was. AND it doesn't cost the earth. Although it can be a little hard to find.

The Lolo Ball consists of a seamless figure-of-8 rubber ball locked into a tough plastic platform. To jump on it, you stand on the platform, balancing your weight on the bottom portion of the rubber ball. You then jump or hop around in the same manner as you would use a pogo stick, leaping in such a way as to correct any tipping from side to side. Cool, but tricky!

Lolo Ball (Pogo Ball) Tips

LBAlways bounce with the Lolo Ball the right way up - doing it upside down will result in the rubber splitting and the toy breaking!

LBDon't use the Lolo Ball when it's very cold, as the rubber will split (again)

LBSmall children must be supervised, it's easy to fall off(!)

LBAdjust the pressure according to weight - the heavier the user (e.g. an adult - gulp), the more pressure is needed. Tweak the pressure for best results! Don't exceed 7lbs of pressure and always use a hand or foot pump, not a car pump

LBRather obvious this, but use the Lolo Ball on a completely flat surface and away from steps or obstructions - you'll need the room!

LB(How to) Start by standing against a wall (or another person), with one foot on one side of the ball. Bring your other foot up to grip the ball between each foot instep. Start bouncing and gain confidence...

Text by Steve Litchfield, (C) 2008