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(Please let me know if any of these are broken or out of date - I'm sure many are by now 8-( !)


Christian Colleges, A Firm Foundation, Best of the Christian web, Worship Together, Cross Rhythms, Christian Schools International, Children's Bible Hour, Christian Computing On-line, Gospel Communications Network, Premier Christian Radio, Christian graphics gallery, CROSS + WORD Christian Resource

Generic Mobile

Mobile Phones in Australia, Engadget Mobile


Digital Workshop, Sophos, No Nags freeware, Winfiles.com, MicroVision Developments, The Register


Blackwells Bookshop, O'Reilly & Assoc., Project Gutenburg

Radio, TV and film

NBC Primetime: Friends, Internet Movie database, Knight Rider, The BBC, Babylon 5, Showcase Cinemas, Talk Radio/Talk Sport

Press-related and Net magazines

The Times, Electronic Telegraph, ZD net, Web headlines, Web Week Online, Web Developer,, PC Pro Online, Easynet


Hyper-rust (Neil Young), Enigma, World Wide Internet Music Resources, Led Zeppelin, Delirious official, 100% Melanie C, Velvet Underground

HTML/java/web site work

HTML Reference, PDF to HTML convertor, Freefind, Fluffy Search, Gamelan, What makes a great web site?, Web Pages That Suck,, Web Page Design,, XMetal

Net Stuff

NIST Web Clock

Net Graphics

GIF animation on the web, Ulead web utilities, Clip art collections, Free Art site,

Computer Video/DVD

Dazzle VCII board, UK Video/Film clubs, Reading Filmmakers, DVD player compatibility


Forte Travelodge, UK Hotel & Guesthouses directory, UK Street map, GPSS software, Garmin International


Ford of Britain, AutoTrader , The AA Motoring and travel


AlphabetStreet, BBC Weather, World Wide Arts Resources, Information Superlibrary, AffectionNet, CricInfo, Test Match Special, OFSTED, Science Fiction Crowsnest, RegNet authors, UK Directory Enquiries, Railtrack timetable