Now that COVID-19 lockdown is lifted, have you had your eyes opened to a whole new world where your computers and other technology will play a larger part in your working and home life going forwards? The Internet means that all of us have a chance to at least step back partly from the rat race and work from home. Or perhaps it's your life-line to distant family and it needs to be smoother and more reliable? 

Which is where I offer my computer help services in the Reading, Woodley, Earley, Twyford and Wokingham areas.

If you've ever thought:

  • 'that's not right, surely?' or
  • 'I wish someone could sit beside me and show me how to do this properly!' or
  • 'do I need a faster laptop or phone or can I get this one fixed up?' or
  • 'does this computer have a virus?' or
  • why can't I get this channel on my 'smart TV'?

...then perhaps I'm the person to talk to. I've had various friends and family that have been relying on my 'interventions' for the last decade and now I'm making myself available for all IT help, computer fixes, phone optimisation, and so on, at least in my local area.

I can give an idea of how I can (or cannot!) help over the phone or email, please call me, Steve Litchfield, or text me on 0797 9253213, or email me at [email protected]

I charge (£7) by the quarter hour, so you only pay for the time you use. A typical job might be to arrive, get rid of a malicious spyware application, update the operating system, free up a few hundred Gigabytes on a hard disk, all in an hour. But I'm good at keeping you informed as I go on what I'm doing and why. I can handle desktop PCs, laptops, Windows or Mac, tablets or smartphones. I'd say 'printers', but I hate them. We all do!!

PS. Yes, this page is free of bloat, of ads, of pop-ups and animations. I hate these too. The Web should contain information and links, not eye-candy! My background? Computer and smartphone journalism, here's my main 3-Lib page, if you're interested.