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Simon King, Hawkwind and relations

2002, Out of the

[2024 web note: much of this site was compiled in 1997. Now 27 years ago! Wow. I'm updating pages as and when I get time.]

The world of Hawkwind is a unique one. Over 50 years of music, even more band members, over a hundred albums (many less than official) and never a dull moment. They've been ridiculed but they never gave in, always producing the music that they wanted to, regardless of what others thought.

One band member who's often overlooked, and who's had more influence on Hawkwind and their sound than anyone, apart from Dave Brock himself, is Simon King, their 'power drummer'. Here's a 4 minute video clip of Simon in action, playing 'Silver Machine' (7MB), in 1972.

I've also put in pages for Opal Butterfly (Simon's first band), of which Robbie Milne worked with me to put together a mini-site of their own. Plus Jawa, the mini-super-group and their demos.

And I also (used to) webmaster Huw Lloyd-Langton's site.

Steve Litchfield