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General tips

  1. You can transfer your Nintendo DS Wi-Fi connection settings to a new DS Lite. (Nintendo even provides instructions.) Unfortunately, you have to have both your old and new DSes, so if you trade yours in before you get the new one, you're going to be out of luck.
  2. Games? The whole point of the device, of course. See my extensive series of game reviews to see which ones are worth buying and which are worth avoiding...
  3. If you're on a tight budget, note that snapping up older cut-price Game Boy Advance titles is a good idea, these play very well on the brighter display of the DS Lite (on the top screen)
  4. Use a screen protector on the bottom screen; if you can't find a proper protector accessory, use overhead transparency material, cut to shape.
  5. Or, if you prefer your touch-screen 'naked', make sure you clear the screen daily with a hot breath and a soft tissue. And wipe your stylus tip on your clothes before applying it to the screen. Even better, use a tiny amount of a car windscreen rain-repellant or similar, to add a protective coat to the delicate touch-surface of your Nintendo DS Lite.
  6. If you get interrupted halfway through a game, just snap the DS Lite shut - it'll pause the game exactly where you left it. When you open it again later, you can carry on. Don't leave it in this state for more than a day or so though, otherwise you'll run down the battery.
  7. Note that older Game Boy Advance games can't be played in multi-player mode, because these weren't written to use the newer Wi-Fi wireless system.