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Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf

Score: 61

Seemingly something of a rushed game to market, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf suffers from a poor swing control system. Rather than using the time-honoured three click button system (start/power/timing), there's a new touch-screen-aware stylus dragging system and its relative clumsiness has an effect on the game as a whole.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf

Still, there's the full complement of EA's Tiger Woods data to enjoy, with six full courses, eight professional golfers, loads of career mode challenges and three difficulty settings. There's also a Wi-Fi multiplayer mode, although each player will need their own copy of the game.

The courses look much better on the DS Lite than on the DS, thanks to the far greater screen brightness, with lush greens, etc.

Screen shot

Driving the ball is tricky enough and your drives will often go wrong, with no feedback from the touch-screen power system as to what you did wrong with your stylus. Selecting clubs is more cumbersome than it should be. Putting is even harder, with the green grids being over-cluttered and hard to read. The built-in 'Caddy tip' system works well as long as you're near enough to the hole, but otherwise there's a big element of hit and hope.

Is it a brilliant golf game? Nope. Is it a terrible one? Nope. It's a great game at heart, but let down by a rushed and not fully play tested interface. Worth picking up at second hand prices.