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Site updated May 2008

Here are the games we've issued verdicts on so far, with scores out of a hundred in brackets, sorted according to highest scores - so start with the ones at the top, as we've found that some DS games are terrible, simply terrible.... Click through for the full reviews.

Highly recommended

DS Brothers In Arms (91)
DS More Brain Training (91) NEW!
DS High School Musical: Making the Cut (90) NEW!
DS Tetris DS (90)
DS Texas Hold 'Em Poker (89)
DS Nanostray (88)
DS Final Fantasy III (87)
DS Nintendogs: Labrador and friends (87)
DS Star Trek: Tactical Assault (86)
DS Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (86) NEW!
DS Pony Friends(86)
DS Nintendo Touch Golf Birdie Challenge (85)
DS Metroid Prime Pinball (85)
DS Build-A-Bear Workshop (85) NEW!
DS SEGA presents Touch Darts (85)
DS Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll (84)
DS Hannah Montana (83)
DS The Simpsons Game (82) NEW!
DS Diary Girl (82) NEW!
DS Hamsterz (82)
DS Space Invaders Revolution (82)
DS Cooking Mama (81)
DS Need For Speed Carbon (81)
DS Bionicle Heroes (80)

Well worth buying

DS Ben 10 - Protector of the Earth (79)
DS Star Wars: Lethal Alliance (78)
DS Touch of the Dead (78) NEW!
DS Dogz 2 (78)
DS Yoshi's Island DS(77)
DS Magic Made Fun(77) NEW!
DS Retro Atari Classics (77)
DS Monopoly, Boggle, Yahtzee, Battleship (76)
DS New Super Mario Brothers (76)
DS Spider-man 3 (75)
DS Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (74)
DS Superman Returns (73)
DS Contact (73)
DS Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (73)
DS Alex Rider: Stormbreaker (73)
DS Over The Hedge (71)

Snap these up if you find a bargain price

DS F/A-18F Super Hornet (68)
DS Freedom Wings (66)
DS Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberryland Games (66)
DS Purr Pals (65)
DS Cake Mania (65)
DS Brain Training (64)
DS Thrilleville: Off The Rails (63) NEW!
DS Top Gun (62)
DS Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf (61)
DS Deal or no Deal (61) NEW!
DS Paint by DS (60) NEW!

Strictly for the curious...

DS Cars: The Movie (58)
DS X-Men III: The Official Game (57)
DS Happy Feet (54)
DS The Sims 2 Pets (49)
DS Micro Machines 4 (46)
DS F-24 Stealth Fighter (42)

Avoid at all costs!

DS Zoo Tycoon (35)

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