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Review: Brothers In Arms (DS)

Score: 91

There's a part of me that simply has to reward a developer that puts as much time and effort into a title as this. Even if the basic missions, graphics and logic had already been perfected on the PC version, Brothers In Arms is still stunning in its realism and detail.

Brothers In Arms

It's a World War II first person (ish) combat game, of course, with character movement using the d-pad, weapon aiming via the touch screen and weapon firing via the shoulder buttons. You'd have thought it would have been better to put the main 3D display on the bottom screen, so that weapons could be aimed and fired using the stylus, but I guess that would have involved just too much rewriting of the Brothers in Arms code....

Screen Screen

So, yet again a game that doesn't use the dual screens fully. But at least here there's enough going on that this aspect is easy to forgive.

From storyline to action sequences to the realistic 3D world to staggeringly good sound effects, Brothers in Arms manages to impress on every other level. Thankfully. With 16 missions spread over 3 theatres of war, it'll keep you going for quite a while. You're led sequentially through missions, with objectives pointed out, but you're free at any point to wander off and explore in the BiA world - in any direction.

Multiplayer gaming is excellent and means that you can extend the action even after completing all the missions and achieving all the objectives, although you do need multiple cards, there's no Wi-Fi downloading here, possibly due to the size of the data files that would be needed.

Not a perfect implementation of a game on the DS, but a damn good try, with many more redeeming features than flaws. Highly recommended!

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